6 Times BTS’s Jimin Hilariously Copied RM In His Own Sassy Way

Jimin really said “Control+C” 😂

BTS is known for their genuine brotherhood and friendship. So are we surprised any time we see them acting like total trolls to one another?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in this case, RM seems to be Jimin‘s favorite muse.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Here are 6 times Jimin has imitated BTS’s leader RM in his own hilariously sassy way!

1. Kickin’ it

RM’s got the moves and Jimin follows!


2. Dionysus

Jimin has his own take for the staff stomping move RM used before their opening stage.


3. You see, I do

From their airs behind their backs to the hand gestures, everything’s the same!


4. Kamehameha

It seems like Jimin just couldn’t help himself when he saw RM do the iconic hand gesture.


5. The hand wave

It’s giving very much “see I can do it too bro!”


6. On the big screen

There seems to be a running theme with Jimin copying a lot of RM’s hand gestures no?


Jimin is the cute little brother RM adopted when BTS formed, and these moments definitely show the close bond these two have!

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