Just 10+ BTS Jimin Photos That Show How Tiny His Waist Is 

It’s 27 inches.

In 2021, BTS‘s Jimin went viral after a fan shared his measurements online. A display of Jimin’s hanbok by Kim Ri Eul revealed that his waist is a mere 27 inches. These 10+ photos show just how tiny it really is!

| @samsamgyeopsal/Twitter

1. He is beauty, he is grace…

…his snatched waist sent me to the grave.


2. Accessories? On point.

The stylists knew exactly how to work with Jimin’s proportions and how to emphasize his graceful figure for the red carpet.

3. They say the color black is slimming.

Here’s all the proof we need!


4. 50% muscle, 50% elegance…

…and a 100% talent. That’s Park Jimin!

5. Black Swan

We can think of at least ten reasons why BTS’s stylists deserve a raise for this outfit. Jimin’s lace shirt is one of them!

6. Big boss energy, tiny waist

He owns this combination. Period!

7. Take a bow

This simple but stylish outfit deserves a round of applause.

8. His enchanting “I NEED U” look

To this day, Jimin’s 2019 solo is one of the best things that ever happened at the Mnet Music Awards.

9. This unforgettable “VMIN” dance

and Jimin had the time of their lives dancing at 2018 KBS Song Festival. Here’s one of the highlights!

V and Jimin

10. He’s born to sing…

…and built to dance! Like the rest of BTS, Jimin spends countless hours rehearsing for shows and keeping his body in tip-top shape.

11. Big hyungs, tiny Mochi

Jimin’s slender waist is especially noticeable when he’s with his members, like V and RM.

Left to right: V, Jimin, and RM. | @weejimin/Twitter

12. Same, sis. Same.