BTS’s Jimin Trends For His Insanely Small Waist Measurement

It was difficult for the designer to tailor his clothes to his waist.

BTS‘s Jimin is surprising the world with measurements of his shockingly thin waist.

After a fan attended an exhibition where Jimin’s hanbok by Kim Ri Eul is displayed, they revealed that his waist measurement is 27 inches.

| @samsamgyeopsal/Twitter

The fan also stated that they learned the designer had to continuously readjust the waist to fit the mannequin to Jimin’s slim measurements.

At 174 cm tall (about 5′ 8.4″) and 58 kg (about 127.8 lbs), all of his body proportions are impressive.

The term “허리 27” (27-inch waist) trended as high as #8 in Korea.

Jimin’s hard work to maintain his slender and strong physique pays off…

…and he certainly uses it to his advantage!