6 Times BTS Jimin’s Post-Its To ARMYs Showed He’d Make The Sweetest Boyfriend Ever

He’s such a darling to his fans.

BTS‘s fan meetings are always thrill packed with ARMYs trying to make the most of their time interacting one-on-one with the members. And while each and every single member tries his best to satisfy ARMYs there, Jimin tends to have an exceptional number of “fan-meeting reviews” that account for what a sweetheart he was at the event. According to ARMYs, Jimin is super friendly, considerate, and 200% boyfriend material when it comes to communicating with the fans, especially with post-it messages. Here are 6 times ARMYs have personally shared their best moments with Jimin!


1. Your Meaning

ARMY: What do I mean as a fan to you?
Jimin: A lot more than you think, at the very least.


2. His Wish

ARMY: Jimin, if there’s one thing I want, it’s for you to stay healthy. I want you to smile a lot too.
Jimin: Well, nuna. Those are the things I want for you.


3. Your Existence

ARMY: What has changed for you since promoting ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’?
Jimin: I have you now.


4. His Existence

ARMY: Where can I find myself a guy like you, Jimin?
Jimin: I’m right here.


5. Your Memory

ARMY: Is there a way you want to be remembered by others?
Jimin: I don’t need anything else, I want you to remember I meant everything.


6. His Expectation

ARMY: I want to be a fan that makes you proud. Is there anything you expect from me?
Jimin: You are my pride and joy.