6 Times BTS’s Stylists Came Under Fire

#3 garnered very strong opinions.

As one of the most popular groups worldwide, eyes are often on BTS and their fashion. However, there have been times when the styling choices made by stylists have been considered inappropriate, unflattering, or even dangerous for the members.

Here are six times the group’s styling did not quite measure up.

1.  Time Magazine

While fans were extremely proud of the group for this massive achievement, many couldn’t help but criticize some of the choices made but their styling team.

| TIme Magazine

Not only did Jin‘s suit have a poor fit, but Jimin and V‘s shoes were too big. Suga‘s pants also were not well-fitted and baggy around his ankles.

(left to right) BTS’s Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin
(left to right) BTS’s Jin, Suga, and V.

2. 35th Golden Disc Awards

Fans again were upset by the stylists putting the group in outfits that did not properly fit their bodies.

3. 2020 Melon Music Awards

Many said the clothing the group wore was too mature and did not flatter their good looks.

4. Ceci Magazine

In the past, BTS’s label apologized for the RM‘s styling in the magazine that featured a hat with Nazi imagery.

BTS’s RM | CeCi

5. W Korea

The stylists behind this photoshoot received massive criticism from fans after dressing Jimin in a Native American headdress.

| W Korea

6. Permission To Dance

During the group’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” online concert, several members wore shoes that did not fit properly. This kind of styling mistake while dancing can be extremely dangerous as the members could trip over the shoes and fall.

Photos of BTS members’ shoes | Herald Kyunjae
Photos of BTS members’ shoes | Herald Kyunjae


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