6 Times EXO’s Xiumin Was Such An Endearing Math Geek

Please be our tutor!

EXO‘s Xiumin proudly identifies himself as the “Mathematical type” who was in Natural Science track in high school. Fans find it endearing to see this side of him because most celebrities are from Liberal Arts or Arts and Physical Education tracks. Here are 6 examples Xiumin boasting his mathematical pride.

1. His answer to D.O.‘s question on the newly released ElyXiOn Live album.

DO: “You spend a lot of time alone at home, what do you do?

XI: “I’m into Netflix nowadays. I’m watching <The Flash> and <Arrow> in a marathon. 1 episode of the Arrow is 50 minutes, and they have 23 episodes each season so it takes me 115 hours to watch all 6 seasons. I’m having the ‘Netflix Life’.”

2. His contrasting choice of school subjects.

Q. What was your favorite and least favorite subject to study in high school?

Chen: Music / Math

Baekhyun: Music / Math

Xiumin: Math / Korean

3. He is proud to share his love for math and identify himself as the “typical” Natural Science track student.

4. Look at him so proud when EXO members acknowledge his mathematical traits. (Then there is Chanyeol…)

Suho: Minseok(Xiumin) is Natural Science track student~

Xiumin: That’s right

Suho: His face looks like he’s Natural Science track student

Chanyeol: Actually, he looks like a cat


5. His mathematical clue to CBX‘s comeback.

6. Even when he draws ladders, it has to be the graph of a function.



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