6 Times ITZY Hilariously Messed With Stray Kids Members At ISAC

“They really go to ISAC to get their ass kicked by ITZY and come home.”

ITZY and Stray Kids have always had a solid family relationship. They are greatly supportive of each other, but as this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) has proven, they are also not afraid to throw down and bicker like chaotic siblings.

ITZY’s Ryujin (left) and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (right) at the “2022 ISAC” | @wonderyujins/Twitter

Funnily enough, fans have noticed that ITZY often tend to be the instigators! Here are 6 times ITZY hilariously messed with Stray Kids at ISAC.


1. When Ryujin casually knocked Bang Chan over as she walked by

2. When Chaeryeong “punched” Changbin

3. And when she messed around with Felix

4. The way Ryujin casually gestured at Hyunjin as she walked by with Yeji

5. And when Chaeryong ‘attacked’ Bang Chan after the group photo

6. Basically, ITZY and Stray Kids’ dynamic can be summed up like this, according to fans

Bonus: Wholesome moment of ‘Professor Ryunjin’ teaching Hyunjin the “SNEAKERS” choreography

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