ITZY’s Ryujin And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Go Viral At 2022 ISAC For Their Chaotic Sibling Rivalry

“She’s a menace…”

The Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) made its return this year after a 2-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is already showcasing the funniest dynamics between idols. In particular, ITZY‘s Ryujin and Stray KidsBang Chan proved they are the most chaotic sibling duo after going viral for their hilarious bickering at the event.

ITZY’s Ryujin (left) and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (right) at the “2022 ISAC” | @wonderyujins/Twitter

ITZY and Stray Kids were among the 38 idol groups confirmed to be in the line-up for this year’s ISAC. The list also included groups such as fellow JYP Entertainment groups NMIXX and Xdinary Heroes, as well as other popular names like ATEEZ, IVE, and NCT.

NMIXX | @nmixx_official/Instagram
Xdinary Heroes | @xdinaryheroes_official/Instagram

ISAC always provides the best opportunities for fans to see the cute friendships between idols, and this year was no exception. Ryujin and Bang Chan demonstrated possibly the most chaotic sibling rivalry ever, even going viral for their hilarious bickering moments. While ITZY and NMIXX seemed to have some peaceful fun together…

…their interactions with Stray Kids were anything but peaceful. Ryujin and Bang Chan drew everyone’s attention when Ryujin was seen hilariously pushing an unsuspecting Bang Chan as she ‘casually’ walked by him. As of now, the clip already has over 1 million views!

The fans couldn’t get enough of how much of a menace Ryujin was…

Especially because she really seemed to be there to tease everyone!

In fact, fans couldn’t help comparing the noticeable difference between how the other members of ITZY interacted with Bang Chan and how Ryujin did…

…but that’s not to say Bang Chan didn’t get back at her. Later on, as he gathered the JYP Entertainment groups for a family photo, he sneakily untied Ryujin’s shoelaces without her noticing, proving the chaotic sibling bond really goes both ways.

Bang Chan may be the most wholesome leader, but he’s definitely not afraid of wreaking his revenge on his JYP family.

Now we definitely can’t wait to see more of this fun dynamic duo!