6 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Proved That He Is The Real LIfe Gu Junpyo

Mingyu is indeed the real life Gu Jun Pyo!

K-Drama fans would know that Gu Junpyo from Boys Over Flowers is the leader of famous boy group “F4” and heir of “Shinhwa Group.” The character is portrayed as a “bad boy” who comes from a rich family, and his style is mostly chic and elegant.

Actor Lee Min Ho played his character and seemed like the perfect person to play the role and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu would be the perfect person to play the same role if a remake is possible.

Mingyu has always been dubbed by CARATs as the real life version of Gu Junpyo and the nickname suits him really well. Here are 8 times Mingyu proved that he is the real life Gu Junpyo!

1. That time they wore almost the same coat

This look Mingyu wore for an award show he attended really radiated big Gu Junpyo vibes with a similar outfit Lee Min Ho wore in one of the scenes for the drama!

2. They both like wearing all black

All black outfits seem to be an ensemble handsome people go for! They like to keep it simple and toned down, yet still looking classy and stylish as ever.

3. Their tan skin is what makes them more handsome and manly

They both have tan skin that makes them look golden and more handsome and manly!

4. Suits are their go-to outfit

They seem to like wearing suits and that’s not bad at all since they look good every time they wear one!

5. They look more handsome when they smile

They look handsome when they have their usual facial expression on, but look even more so handsome when they smile!

6. And they know how to be cute too

Despite their strong and “bad boy” image, they also have a cute side to them!


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