6 Times Stray Kids Were As Equally Charming Off Stage As They Are On

Their cuteness is just as attractive as their confidence.

The members of Stray Kids are funny, talented, and overall very charming.

Stray Kids’ Changbin, Felix, Lee Know, Seungmin, and Bang Chan (top row, left to right) I.N, Hyunjin, and Han (bottom row) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

When the group was asked about their most charming qualities, I.N said it had to do with how Stray Kids act on and off stage.

I think the difference between when we’re on and off stage is our most charming quality. We may look scary on stage, but off stage we’re just like your average friend in the classroom who goofs around with his friends.

— I.N

Here are 6 instances where they proved they are as equally charming off stage as they are on.

1. They’re sort of… “maniacs”

During a performance of their recent title-track “MANIAC,” Stray Kids proved their talent for nailing interesting choreography and handing out flawless visuals.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Off stage, though, they showed another side by teasing each other.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

After Hyunjin told Seungmin that he looked cute because of his hair, Changbin noted that he really looked like a puppy. This prompted Hyunjin to try and pet Seungmin with his foot, yet Changbin used the opportunity to playfully attack him.

2. They’re only sometimes confused

For their “MANIAC” comeback stage they were confident as they each performed their respective parts.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

But behind the scenes, Han struggled to cut a cake, proving that they’re not always so self-assured.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

They’re just normal people that happen to be extra talented.

3. They’re cute underneath it all

For the 2022 Golden Disc Awards, Stray Kids performed an intense stage consisting of their songs “Thunderous,” “TOP,” and “WOLFGANG.”

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

While they all showed a super serious side while performing, off stage they chilled out by taking cute photos of each other.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

They’re all just cuties underneath the tough stage persona.

4. They know when to have fun

Stray Kids participated in the 2021 KBS Song Festival and put on a stellar performance while paying homage to their Korean culture.


Off stage though, they were silly as the members gathered around to watch Lee Know dance.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

They were able to have fun despite their hectic schedules. And whether they’re seriously dancing, or just goofing off, Stray Kids are always fun to watch!

5. They still get nervous

During the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards Stray Kids put a super cool spin on their songs with an elaborate performance that included props and creative choreography.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Though Bang Chan noted that they were happy to perform in front of fans, backstage they admitted to being nervous for the performance.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

During the actual performance, however, you couldn’t tell that they were nervous at all! Their performance was both professional and exciting.

6. They’re serious when they need to be

It’s also charming how carefully Stray Kids monitor their stages when a perfect performance is the result.

Just check out Felix.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

The effort is clearly worth it.

| MBCkpop/YouTube

Like I.N appropriately said, their differences on and off stage make Stray Kids charming! Whether it’s clear duality or subtle differences, the group proves they can do it all.

Source: Nylon

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