6 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Had The Prettiest Makeup In The Room

Absolutely stunning!

A perk of being a celebrity is having your makeup done regularly. Like many others, TWICE‘s Tzuyu switches up her makeup with every photoshoot, and it always looks amazing!

Here are some of her prettiest looks to date!

1. Pink Eyeshadow

Her bold eye look with jeweled stickers is one of a kind!

| Allure

2. Bright Red Lip

This time Tzuyu’s lips were the highlight! They made her look even sweeter than usual.

| @queentzuyu/Instagram

3. Long Eyelashes

Doesn’t everyone want to have lashes as long as hers?

| @queentzuyu/Instagram
| @queentzuyu/Instagram

4. Shimmery Eye Look

She’s unbelievably gorgeous in this look.

| @queentzuyu/Instagram

5. Deep Fuchsia Lower Lashline

Mature Tzuyu? That’s her with this fuchsia eyeshadow and lipstick!

| @queentzuyu/Instagram

6. Red Lipstick

Finally, with her fancy earrings, Tzuyu’s red-lipped appearance is the definition of luxurious.

| @queentzuyu/Instagram

Whether Tzuyu is rocking natural makeup or bolder makeup, she always looks stunning!

| @JYP Entertainment/Youtube