6 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Showed What It Would Look Like If He Were Your Boyfriend

Oh to be y/n for a day.

TXT‘s Yeonjun has been really stepping it up with his visual prowess lately.

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Yeonjun recently opened up his own personal Instagram account and has been serving some major looks.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve put together a list of Yeonjun’s total “boyfriend” vibe photos! Check them out below to live out some y/n moments!

1. You dropping lunch off for him

He’s been studying a lot lately, so you cook him a meal and drop it off to make sure he’s eating something home-cooked.

2. Skate park date

It’s been cold out lately, so of course you had to hit the skate park on the first day with nice weather!

3. Street food mukbang

All the street food vendor must haves were in attendance that day.

4. Late night convenience store runs

For those late night cravings for Pocari Sweat and triangle gimbaps!

5. Summer nights

Even though it’s hot outside, he manages to look so chic and stylish!

6. Driving to school together every day

Summer is right around the corner so of course you have your windows down, and some music playing for the vibes.

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