TXT’s Yeonjun Says “Hi” To MOAs With Very First Instagram Post

He already has over 1 million followers.

Considered one of the 4th Generation of K-Pop’s leaders, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) is connecting to Gen Z of K-Pop fans in a way that most befits the new generation.

Yeonjun‘s been taking over TikTok with dance challenges that have MOAs convinced he’s on TikTok with a personal account!

| TXT Official Facebook

He even danced to the popular “Own Brand Freestyle” TikTok Dance Challenge, which has amassed over 66.3 million views and 10.4 million likes as of today.

Now it looks like the 22 year old has officially opened up his own personal Instagram account under the handle @yawnzzn, which we think is supposed to be a cute way of saying “Yeonjun.”

MOAs seem to really like his username as well!

With over 1.3 million followers and counting, it’s safe to say Yeonjun’s on his way to being an insta hit.

MOAs couldn’t contain their excitement as they trended “YEONJUN” on Twitter.

It hasn’t been too long since fellow HYBE label mates and sunbaes, BTS all made headlines for finally opening their personal Instagram accounts 8 years after debuting.

| BTS Official Facebook

Korean netizens seem to like the idea of Yeonjun with his own personal Instagram account!

  • He’s already born with an IG vibe. This means he’ll use it well 
  • I’m from another fandom but I’m so thankful… this kid YJ needs to have his own IG
  • now we can see these kind of photos in his IG…

Now we just wait to see if the other TXT members will follow suit with their own accounts.

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