6 Times VICTON’s Byungchan Proved He’s TXT’s Biggest Fan

“Hyung loves you.”

VICTON‘s Byungchan has become a big fan of TXT and doesn’t care who knows it. Here are six times he proved his love for the rookie group.

1. Always listening to their songs

During a live broadcast, Byungchan told fans what song he’s been listening to pretty often lately. That song was none other than TXT’s “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)”. To prove it, he didn’t hesitate to play a snippet of the song and showed the album cover on his phone screen as it played.

2. Watching their music videos

In an ASMR segment with M2, both Byungchan and Subin were asked which video was the last one they’d watched on YouTube. Like the MOA Byungchan is, it had to be a TXT video. He named their comeback “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)”.

3. Wanting to become close to them

VICTON completed a question relay with Pops In Seoul, where they had to quickly answer the ones they chose. When faced with the question of which idol he wants to become friends with, Byungchan didn’t just choose one. He picked all five members of TXT.

4. Remembering all of their names

To complete a mission for The Show, VICTON had to find other idols with the same name to high-five. Since their maknae is named Subin, Byungchan thought of TXT’s Soobin for him to high-five for the mission. Unfortunately, Soobin had been busy and couldn’t meet with them.

5. Comforting them

When VICTON received their first-ever music show win, Byungchan didn’t only focus on himself and his group. Since TXT were also nominated for first place, he didn’t forget about them. He went over and shared a group hug with all of them.


6. Roping his members into like them too

In a clip of VICTON for The Show, they were asked which song they’ve all been enjoying. Byungchan’s influence must have rubbed off on them because they all sang TXT’s “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)”. On top of that, Byungchan even added a special message for TXT along with a finger heart: “Hyung loves you.”


Even if TXT chooses money over him (cough, Yeonjun, cough), Byungchan is still their biggest fan.