7 Video Clips To Prove EXO’s Favorite Pastime Hobby Is To Mess With D.O. For Fun

They’re having so much fun!

Every EXO-L knows EXO members have the best relationships. They are truly like a brother who shares good times and hard times. But more often than not, you see them constantly messing with each other and getting into a friendly quarrels. Among the members, D.O. seems to be the favorite target to bother since he is pretty serious most of the times. Here are 7 hilarious clips that prove EXO members love to mess with D.O.

1. Baekhyun messing with D.O. but not getting any response.

2. When Kai, Sehun and Chanyeol teamed up to mess with D.O. while he was leaving a message to his fans.

3. Baekhyun and Kai literally driving D.O. crazy.

4. All of the members making fun of D.O.’s gesture on camera.(Even Xiumin joins the fun)

5. Chanyeol refusing to open the door to the dorm.

6. The whole group going against D.O. to make him the MC of the day.

7. Baekhyun ignoring D.O.’s warnings and end up getting slapped


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