6 Idols Who Have Siblings In Entertainment, That You May Not Know About

Acting, singing, good-looks, these siblings have them all.

There are many well-known celebrity siblings so much so that we are convinced “idol genes” exist. But there may be even more idols who have siblings in the entertainment industry that are relatively unknown. Check out some of these famous sibling pairs below.


1. VICTON’s Chan and MADTOWN’s Jun

While VICTON actually has a couple famous sibling pairs, Chan and MADTOWN’s Jun get a lot less attention for their relationship. The brothers occasionally have interactions with each other and it is so cute!


2. T-ara’s Hwayoung and Coed School/F-ve Dolls’ Hyoyoung

Hwayoung and Hyoyoung are twins and were both originally supposed to be in T-ara but ultimately the two girls were separated.


3. MBLAQ’s Mir and Go Eun Ah

MBLAQ, like VICTON has a couple famous sibling pairs. While most people know that Thunder and Dara are siblings fewer people know about Mir and his actress sister Go Eun Ah.


4. SS501’s Hyungjun and U-KISS’ Kibum

These two brothers have always been extremely supportive of each other. And they even started a company together, HnB Company, which supports actors and singers.


5. JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan

Another pair of supportive brothers, when Yoochun took on more and more acting roles his younger brother gave him lots of advice.


6. BTOB’s Ilhoon and Joo

As one of the least known famous family members, Ilhoon and Joo have even been mistaken as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Source: seoulbeats