These 7 Actresses Are So Gorgeous, They Were Street Casted When They Didn’t Want To Be

Some of them were casted numerous times!

Being street casted is a dream for those who desire to be a celebrity one day. These 7 actresses, however, were street casted when they had absolutely no desire to be famous. Let’s take a look at who they are!

1. Han Ga In

To start off our list, we have one of the nation’s top beauties Han Ga In. She has always been known for her beauty even when she was just a high school student. It has been revealed that the actress received numerous street casting offers ever since her high school days. She shared that she would decline the offers so that she could focus on her studies. It was not shortly after she got accepted into university that she decided to finally accept a street casting offer. She debuted as the model of her university’s magazine cover, where she swept everyone off their feet. From there, the rest is history.

2. Kim Tae Hee

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Another one of South Korea’s top beauties makes it onto the list and this time, it’s actress Kim Tae Hee. She is famously known not only for her beauty, but also for her brains as she was a student at Seoul National University. She caught the eye of an advertising agency representative while she was on the subway on her way to class. Kim Tae Hee became the model of a women’s product brand through the advertising agency and this is how she kickstarted her career. This was also not the actress’s first time being casted on the street. On a variety show, she was asked how many times she had been scouted, to which Kim Tae Hee responded with, “I think I got street casted every time I went out.”

3. Park Gyu Young

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Next up on our list is former JYP Entertainment actress, Park Gyu Young. The It’s Okay To Not Be Okay actress was just your typical, normal college student before she debuted. The actress’s beautiful visuals were always evident as she was the model for the Yonsei University magazine. It was after a representative from JYP Entertainment found her in the magazine and noticed her beauty that they formally asked her to audition for the company. The actress also revealed that she was casted through social media as well.

4. Seo Hyun Jin

Beloved actress and former girl group member Seo Hyun Jin is next up on this list. She was a guest on a variety program where she revealed her casting story. The actress shared, “I was 17 years old and this was when street casting was becoming very frequent. That was when I got casted.” Seo Hyun Jin was a dance major at the time, which worked in her favor as she got casted to become a singer. She eventually debuted as a member of SM Entertainment girl group M.I.L.K. While the group disbanded many years ago, it was thanks to her street casting and her girl group debut that Seo Hyun Jin became who she is today.

5. Seo Ji Hye

Seo Ji Hye is another actress who made her start in the entertainment industry thanks to a street casting offer. She revealed that it was when she was just in high school when she got a casting offer on the street. It was thanks to her outstanding beauty that she caught the eye of her then label’s representative. Seo Ji Hye was so famous at her university for her beauty, that anytime there was a popularity contest she always ranked first. She appeared in a music video back in 2003, which was the official beginning to her career.

6. Song Ji Hyo

Next up we have our favorite Running Man member, Song Ji Hyo. The actress was scouted while she was working part time at a cafe. She shared in an episode of Running Man that she received a business card before she debuted in Shinchon, suggesting that that was the location where she received her street casting offer. We give much thanks to whoever saw Song Ji Hyo at the cafe, as netizens would not have been able to see the actress in the different dramas, movies and shows if she had never been scouted.

7. Kim Ji Won

Last up we have actress Kim Ji Won, who was street casted at the youngest age on this list. The Fight My Way actress shared that she was street casted when she was only in middle school. It was after she was scouted by her label that she started to prepare for her debut by participating in acting and singing classes. Just three years after she was casted on the street, she made her official debut in a commercial. She would’t know it then, but this would be the start of her remarkable stardom.

Source: Insight