7 Adorable Moments When BTS Single-Handedly Ended Toxic Masculinity That’ll Make You Extremely Proud To Be An ARMY

#3 is so obvious every time they proudly do it while being filmed on camera.

It’s official. According to BTS, toxic masculinity is out.

This means that loving yourself is in.

This means that BTS members aren’t afraid to prove society wrong, once again.

This means that accepting oneself without feeling threatened to “prove” one’s masculinity is in. Want more proof as to how BTS single-handedly destroyed toxic masculinity?

Here are seven adorable moments for your viewing pleasure.

1. Jimin casually mentioning about doing his father’s make-up

When Jimin was roaming around the store and he started exploring the make-up department, he simply stated how he’s thinking about giving his father a make-over.

He’s even seriously contemplating as to what kinds of make-up would look good on his father.

2. BTS proudly complimenting their florist

Suga called him cool and likened him to a male lead in a drama.

Jin casually sending hearts to their florist’s way.

And Jimin wasn’t shy to admit that he blushed when their florist complimented him.

Oh, nothing to see here, it’s just various moments of handsome men proudly complimenting a handsome man.

3. Giving each other smooches

The members aren’t threatened with close physical affection with each other. In fact, they like doing it so much to show how much they care for each other.

Oh, wow, would you look at that — some men can actually kiss another man without feeling like doing so will threaten their masculinity!

4. V dancing with heels, because why not?

V used to dance “I Need U” while he was wearing high heels.

The best thing was he was seriously good, so everybody simply danced with him.

5. Jimin accepting himself for who he is, not who he’s “supposed” to be

In the past, Jimin said that he used to appear like a “strong man”…

…but now, he doesn’t have to pretend anymore.

He can just be himself, without any worries — as you should be, too.

6. Crying unabashedly

Contrary to popular belief, “real men” can actually cry because they’re not robots…

…and because the sign of being a well-functioning man is being able to process and express your emotions…


7. They’re not afraid to show how much they love and care for one another through fluffy hugs

The members treat each other as family: they’re not shy about expressing their love for each other through group hugs, or even couple hugs.

Want more proof of how proud BTS members are whenever they’re showing their love and supoprt for each other? Here’s the next article all about the maknae line looking like they always enjoy hugging each other.

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