7 Realest ARMY Reactions To BTS Suga’s “Haegeum” Teaser That Will Make You Look Forward To The Music Video

If a teaser can do so much damage, what will April 21 look like?

In only a few more hours, BTS Suga‘s new solo album D-Day will be out in the world. The anticipation around this album was already high since April 2, when BIGHIT MUSIC announced its release. But it went up to a different level after the teaser for his title track, “Haegum” dropped on April 19.

The half-a-minute-long teaser video was packed with punches. From the insane beat to Suga in a gangster look, fans couldn’t decide what to talk about first. But here are some of the best reactions from ARMY that sum up what everyone might have felt the moment they watched the video for the first time:

1. It’s a guaranteed hit!

2. The Stan Lee of Agust D cinematic universe.

3. “It’s the 7 again.”

4. And he looked hot while doing it, so…

5. Maybe it’s time to pass the crown.

6. Poetic cinema at its best.

7. It’s all connecting now.