7 Brands ARMYs Want To See Collaborate With BTS Members

What brand would you like to see BTS work with?

Now that BTS have made their start in the modeling world with Louis Vuitton’s A/W 2021 Show in Seoul, there’s no telling what collaborations the future holds! One user on Quora asked, “If each BTS member could be a model for a designer brand, which members would model for which brands?” 

Here are a few luxury designers that some ARMYs said would be a complete match for the BTS members!

1. Jin — Givenchy

Jin looked effortlessly fashionable in this Givenchy t-shirt.

I chose Givenchy for Jin for two reasons: For one, this brand matches his style, and two, he wears it a LOT. Jin’s style is very classy as well as simple, which really correlates well with this brand.


“Worldwide Handsome” Jin definitely doesn’t need fancy clothes to make an impression, and Givenchy’s recent love for minimalism is the perfect companion to the vocalist’s naturally stunning looks.

2. Suga — Fear of God (FG)

Suga wearing one of his many classic FG tops.

He would totally be a model/brand ambassador of FG, literally almost all the clothes I see him wear is that.


Suga’s style manages to make a statement while keeping it simple, making FG right up his alley. Fans hope it’s only a matter of time before he’s made an official ambassador!

3. J-Hope — Saint Laurent

J-Hope sported this Saint Laurent jacket at the Incheon Airport. | @getoutswag/Twitter

Saint Laurent’s immaculate tailoring in menswear and J-Hope love for sharp details and tailoring is a match made in fashion heaven!


J-Hope’s use of bold prints and patterns, and his knack for combining streetwear with classic silhouettes, makes Saint Laurent a great fit.

4. RM — Visvim

RM wore a Visvim jacket and a pair of their Roland Jogger sneakers to the brand’s flagship store in 2018. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Namjoon loves nature and he often wears green/brown clothes and baggy trousers. I think this type of aesthetic, style that give off an ‘earthy’ vibe, really suits him.


BTS leader RM loves nature, as his social media updates frequently show him exploring the outdoors. Japanese fashion house Visvim, which is inspired by global travel, suits him well!

5. Jimin — Chanel

Jimin confidently wears the historically womenswear label. | STAY BTS/Facebook

Fans have long associated Jimin with the classy, chic fashion house. Known for its timeless, yet innovative designs, Chanel is an ideal match for Jimin.

I chose Chanel because of how elegant the brand is. So it fits perfectly with Jimin’s aura.

…Needless to say, Jimin really looks good while wearing anything Chanel.


6. V — Gucci

V absolutely rocked this Gucci-powered outfit for BTS’s 2021 Season’s Greetings. | BTS (방탄소년단)/Facebook

He doesn’t just wear the outfit, he embodies the character that Gucci Designer Alessandro Michele envisaged in his designs-gender fluidity, maximalist in colour, prints and textures that are like a 70s movie come alive.


Known lovingly as the “Gucci Boy,” V has been spotted numerous times decked out in the brand. He’s stated in the past that his current sense of style is inspired by retro silhouettes, including his father’s style. Gucci’s attention to vintage patterns make it a seamless match to V. Fans are waiting eagerly for the day V walks a Gucci runway!

7. Jungkook — Balenciaga

Jungkook showed his style in this over-sized, asymmetrical look and topped it off with Balenciaga.

Jungkook’s penchant for streetwear makes Balenciaga this ARMY’s pick for him! The fashion brand’s focus on taking streetwear to new levels would suit Jungkook’s personal style to a T.

There’s little to no debate on this one, methinks! Balenciaga definitely seems to be more casual-wear than formal, which Jungkook seems to be into. He could totally model their looks— I mean, he already is! Jungkook is BTS’s poster boy for Balenciaga products.


There is no doubt that the members could pull off any brand that may reach out to them, but these are just a few of the designer names that ARMYs can envision the idols modeling! What designers do would you like to see BTS work with next?

Source: Quora