7 Celebrities Who Possibly Could Have Been Olympic Athletes

Numbers 1 and 3 were pretty much there.

Being an Olympic athlete is no easy feat, as the chances of getting selected as one of the best athletes in the world are quite slim. There are a couple of celebrities that were on the path towards possibly being an Olympic athlete but quit for various reasons. Here are 7 celebrities who could have been Olympic athletes.

1. Jackson (GOT7)

GOT7‘s Jackson was born into a family of fencers, where his father was a former member of China’s national fencing team.

Jackson even had a chance at joining Hong Kong’s national team for the London Olympics. During that time, he was scouted by JYP Entertainment and ultimately decided to quit fencing.

2. Uee

Uee was quite the athlete, where her high school even focused on physical education. Uee focused primarily on swimming, where she even competed in the Korean National Sports Festival.

3. Kim Yohan

Yohan was pretty much born into an athletic family, as his father is a Taekwondo coach.

Yohan won many awards, such as placing first in two youth national competitions. He’s also shown himself to be quite the prodigy, as he accomplished many things at a young age.

4. Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon was quite the swimmer, where he was even a part of a professional team for many years.

After around 14 years of swimming, he had to stop due to an injury. He’s now an actor, but also enjoys being a swimming teacher.

5. Lee Jong Hwa (Also known as Jota, a former member of Madtown)

Lee Jong Hwa was planning on becoming a professional judo athlete, but an injury caused him to change career paths. He’s shown that he’s still quite the judo athlete, as he’s beaten many experienced judo players on Cool Kiz On The Block.

6. So Ji Sub

While So Ji Sub might now be known his acting skills, he was once a great swimmer. He originally wanted to be a professional swimmer, he even won a bronze medal at the Korean National Games.

7. Li Wenhan (UNIQ)

Li Wenhan was a dedicated swimmer during his younger days, where he just loved swimming. He even practiced with Sun Yang, who is a Chinese Olympic swimmer.