7 Celebrity Couple Relationship Break-Ups That Rocked Korea This Year

We’re sad to see them go.

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for Korean star couples. While many have shared happy news of marriages and baby booms, some relationships have sadly taken a turn for the worst. Here are 7 idol and actor couples whose break-ups rocked the Korean celebrity world this year.

1. Kim Bo Ra & Jo Byung Gyu

The breakup between Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu was confirmed in August 2020. The couple were together publicly for 1 year and 6 months.

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Both actors are known primarily for their work on JTBC‘s hit drama SKY Castle, where Kim played secondary school student Kim Hye Na and Jo played a lawyer’s resentful son, Cha Ki Joon.

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The two confirmed their relationship in February 2019 after they were caught showing affection to each other behind the scenes of SKY Castle. According to their agencies, they broke up after drifting apart due to busy schedules.

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2. Lee Joon (MBLAQ) & Jung So Min

The breakup between Lee Joon and Jung So Min was confirmed in June 2020. The couple were together publicly for almost 3 years.

Lee Joon is an actor and former member of MBLAQ, departing from the group in 2014. Actress Jung So Min met Lee Joon when they starred on My Father is Strange together.

Their relationship was exposed by Dispatch in January 2018 after the two were caught embracing each other in public. According to their agencies, they also broke up after drifting apart due to busy schedules.

3. Loco & Stephanie Lee

The breakup between Loco and Stephanie Lee was confirmed in April 2020. However, the two were technically never together publicly. Loco is a well-known Korean rapper who rose to fame after winning Mnet‘s Show Me the Money in 2012. Stephanie Lee is a Korean-American actress and model who was once signed to YG Entertainment.

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Rumors surfaced in April that the two had been dating for a year. However, when their agencies were approached to confirm the suspicions, they actually revealed that Loco and Lee had already broken up after dating in the past.

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4. Honey Lee & Yoon Kye Sang (g.o.d)

The breakup between Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang was confirmed in June 2020. The longest-standing couple on the list, the two were together publicly for a staggering 7 years.

Honey Lee is best known for winning 3rd runner up at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. However, she’s also an actress, model, and classical musician. Yoon Kye Sang is a former member of g.o.d and well-known idol-turned-actor.

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The two actually began dating after a fake dating scandal. After rumors surfaced that they were in a relationship, Lee and Yoon began spending time together. A month later in March 2013, they confirmed their real relationship. Shortly after their breakup was announced, their agency (Saram Entertainment) announced that Yoon would also be terminating his contract.

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5. Park Seoah (Brave Girls) & Park Young Ho

The breakup between Park Seoah and Park Young Ho was confirmed in June 2020. They were together publicly for 10 months.

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Park Seoah is a former member of Brave Girls. After leaving in 2016, she later became a BJ (broadcast jockey) on Afreeca TV. Park Young Ho is an Instagram-famous fitness trainer and model.

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The two revealed their relationship on Instagram in October 2020.

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6. Lee Joo Seung & Son Eun Seo

The breakup between Lee Joo Seung and Son Eun Seo was confirmed in February 2020. The two were together publicly for almost 2 years.

Both actors met while shooting the 2016 movie Showdown. Lee is best known for his work on independent films like Shuttlecock (2014). Son rose to fame on OCN‘s Voice after attracting attention for her “relationship” with Super Junior‘s Donghae on MBC‘s We Got Married back in 2012.

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The relationship was confirmed after their media-reported dating rumors in April 2018. In response to their breakup, Son Eun Seo’s agency stated that they could not reveal when and why the couple broke up as this is the actress’s personal business.

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7. Crucial Star & Kim Jin Kyung

The breakup between Crucial Star and Kim Jin Kyung was confirmed in January 2020. They were together publicly for 8 months.

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Rapper Crucial Star rose to fame after participating in Show Me The Money 4. Likewise, Kim Jin Kyung got her start on Korea’s Next Top Model. Since then, she’s also made an acting debut.

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After rumors of the relationship surfaced, Crucial Star took to Instagram in May 2019 to confirm that he was dating Kim Jin Kyung. Back in 2015, it was also confirmed that he was dating (and had since broken up with) soloist Heize.

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