7 Fans Who Spent Insane Amounts on Fansigns

These fans were willing to pay the extra dollar for the experience.

Fansigns are an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite idols, but how exactly does a fan get into one?


Well, most fan signs are either first-come-first-serve or by lottery. That’s right, for the lottery fan signs there’s absolutely no guarantee that your name will make it on the list. With one lottery entry per album, you might have to buy crazy amounts of albums to even have a fighting chance. Here are 7 times fans were willing to spend more than a pretty penny to attend their bias group’s fansign.


TWICE’s Dahyun

To see the world-beloved TWICE live and in person at a fansign, this fan spent 747,500 KRW (~$655 USD). In order to have a shot at seeing TWICE, he bought 45 albums and, luckily, received a winning ticket!

The winning ticket (left) and his receipt (right)

If that sounds like a lot, wait till you see the rest of the list.

2. SF9

SF9’s Inseong

YouTuber Valory Pierce spent $1,000 USD on 50 SF9 albums in order to secure her spot in the lottery for the fansign. It all paid off, and she got to see her favorite boys while visiting Korea.


MONSTA X’s Kihyun

Stacey, of YouTube channel Seoulmates, bought 60 MONSTA X  The Code albums in the hopes of making it to the fansign. While she didn’t divulge the exact cost of the albums, 60 albums would be around $1,500 USD. It was money well-spent as Stacey’s name ended up on the list.

4. BTS


Seoulmate is back at it again with the fansign attempts. This time its Arrianna, and she also bought 60 of BTSLove Yourself: Her albums. For 60 albums she’d have to have spent roughly $1,800 – $2,000 USD. Unfortunately, the BTS odds were not in her favor as she didn’t make it into the fansign. ARMYs have some stiff competition!

5. Wanna One

Wanna One/AB6IX’s Lee Daewhi

This fan of Wanna One had to cough over some serious funds in order to get into the limited-time-only boy group’s fansign, but it all paid off! She shared her receipt of 3,990,000 Won (~$3,500 USD) along with her winning ticket.

6. Wanna One

Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo

Sadly, since it’s a lottery, no matter how much you buy there is no guarantee that you’ll get in. This Wanna One fan had to learn that the hard way. They bought 213 albums for 4,260,000 Won (~$3,700 USD) and were still unable to get a spot in the fansign.


7. Wanna One

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

It’s a tough day for Wanna One stans as this last fan also shelled out an insane amount of dough only to fail. According to her receipt, she spent 8,572,400 Won (~$7,500 USD) on 554 Wanna One albums, but sadly couldn’t get into the fansign. Ouch!