7 Fun BTS Facts That Have Even Made ARMYs Say “I Never Knew That!”

You’ll wonder how you missed these fun facts!

ARMYs know every little detail about BTS, but every once in a while a piece of information will come to light that even some old school fans didn’t know about. These 7 fun facts are a few examples that have blown away a few fans when they sat down and thought about them!


1. Jin is the real muscles of BTS

When you think of muscles and BTS, you’re first thought is probably Jungkook or Jimin right? But what you might not realize is that Jin was actually one of the original muscley members of the group.


During their debut era, there were always two members that were always put in tank tops and one of those was Jin. To top it off, the members have said in the past that Jin is the strongest member and there has even been some debate that Jungkook started working out becuase of his hyung!


In fact, MONSTA X‘s Shownu has even put Jin in his top 3 for idols with the best physique.


So even though Jin doesn’t like to show off his body very often, everyone knows that he’s actually quite muscular.


2. Jungkook has spent roughly a third of his life as a BTS member

ARMYs know that Jungkook recently celebrated his 22nd birthday a few months back. They also know that he made his debut at only 15 and that he became a trainee when he was 13.


So if you do the math, that means that Jungkook has spent approximately a third of his life as a debuted member of BTS and if you include his trainee years, he’s spent a little less than half his life in the industry!


3. There is only one member who has no lines in “Satoori Rap”

We know what you’re thinking, “Satoori Rap” is a rap line only song and you would be correct. The original version of this song is exclusively for the rap line. But anyone who has seen BTS perform this song on stage knows that it’s not just the rap line singing.


While every single member does sing along to the chorus sections of this song, there is only one member that doesn’t have at least one solo line and that’s Jin! Jimin, V, and Jungkook all have a few lines sung all by themselves but Jin doesn’t! Check out the video of one of their performances to hear it for yourself!


4. “Outro: Her” listed the entire Love Yourself series

Love Yourself: Her was the very first EP in the Love Yourself series and while you may not have realized it, the outro to the album actually hinted at what was to come!


During the chorus of the song they sing, “All of my wonder. You’re the answer. I call you her, her. ‘Cause you’re my tear, tear.” Which means they incorporated every single part of the Love Yourself series in this one song and a whole bunch of us missed it!


5. They pulled a switcheroo on fans in “Dope”

BTS always have such visually stunning music videos and fans are always on the hunt for the little nods at previous work and clues to what’s to come. Even though every ARMY is paying extremely close attention to the little details in the song, some fans may have just missed the major switcheroo in their “Dope” MV. When we first see Jin in the song, he’s singing his line…


Only it’s not his line and it’s not him singing! If you pay close attention, you’ll realize it’s actually Jimin singing that section! Take a listen for yourself.


During live performances, however, it is Jin that delivers this line!


6. There’s actually one more surprise in “Dope”

Speaking of those little details that everyone is always on the hunt for, there’s one more surprise feature in “Dope” that some people might have missed. On J-Hope‘s helmet are written the numbers 101224 which is the date that he became a trainee.


And J-Hope’s not the only one with some secret number that signifies the date he became a trainee with the group! Jungkook‘s baton also has his own set of numbers, 20110424, on it!


7. “You got no jams” may not mean what you think it does

While the saying really is a bit of an insult and means the other person is no fun, the famous line uttered by RM is actually a Korean pun that was translated into English! 노잼 spoken as “No jam” is a combination of “no” from English and 잼 which is a shortened form of Korean word, 재미있다(Jaemeetda) meaning it’s fun or funny.


It just so happens that during their English time section on the plane, RM thought of this saying and said it completely in English giving us this iconic line!



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