7 Iconic BTS CFs Even Some ARMYs Might Not Know Of

If you know these, you are a veteran.

When you have BTS endorsing your products, it can go two ways- either you end up with a super glamorous ad that almost looks like a music video, or it’s just a straight-up chaos fest.

The group might have done nearly a hundred commercials to date, but these seven deserve a hall of fame of their own:

1. BBQ Chicken

For those who might not understand, the line “Dali jinjja kheuda” is a pun on the dual meaning of the word “dal” which both means “moon” and “leg.” Ten bucks say it was Jin who ghostwrote this ad script.

2. SK Telecom

You might recognize one of these ads from the “Alexa play ddaeng” memes. It’s always good to know about your roots and where your culture came from.

3. BBQ Chicken Part 2

The theatrics! The passion! Gave their all as if rent was due that evening.

4. Milk Song

This is not really a commercial advertisement, but this video definitely made you crave a glass of milk. “Uyu joha uyu” walked so that “Get up in the morn cup of milk let’s rock and roll” could run.

5. BTS Cleanser

Okay, this is technically a parody. But can you deny the fact that if a cleanser existed that could turn your face into Jimin’s, you wouldn’t invest in it?

6. BBQ Chicken Part 3

Just another normal day where seven homies are crying together to a Spanish ballad because the fried chicken tastes too good.

7. Lotte Duty Free

Not a chaotic CF, but definitely an iconic one. BTS created a whole new BOP for just this advertisement and if they put it out for streaming ARMYs probably would chart it on Hot 100.

At the end of the day, whatever BTS touches becomes golden, CFs included.