7 Iconic Times BTS Was Rebellious AF And Fans Loved It

If BTS taught a class, it might be Savagery 101.

1. Suga’s ultimate mic drop moment

If BTS were to nominate their “Most Rebellious Member” the winner would undoubtedly be Suga. At 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun, Suga threw major shade at haters without saying a single word.

Haters Accused BTS of Lip Syncing, Here’s What Suga Did To Shut Them Up

During the performance, Suga dropped his microphone in the middle of his rap verse to prove that BTS doesn’t lip sync. It was the ultimate rebel move, and fans will never forget it!


2. BTS’s 2015 “Intro performance” trailer

In January 2015, Big Hit Entertainment uploaded BTS’s legendary “Intro performance trailer”, which featured three different versions of the same dance: “very good camera”, “good camera”, and “do you want more?”.

The “very good camera” section was filmed with a combination of mid to wide camera shots that showed both BTS and their army of backup dancers.

The “good camera” was shot from a bird’s eye perspective, from far away.

The final section focused exclusively on BTS and did not include wide shots of the backup dancers.

Newer ARMYs may not know that this video is poking fun at the camerawork at 2014 Gayo Daejun performance.

BTS’s performance was shot with a variety of jarring camera angles, some of which were extremely far away, like the “good camera” section of BTS’s video.


3. When Suga came up with a brilliant way to avoid playing a game

In 2015, BTS appeared on an episode of Stardust for a ‘Comeback Talk’. During the show, BTS was supposed to play the classic paper passing game, which often results in accidental kisses.

Many of the members didn’t seem excited to play it…

…but lucky for them, Suga did some quick thinking. Instead of passing the first sheet of paper to V, Suga coughed, dropping the paper. This ended the game before it even started!


4. BTS’s “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas”

BTS dropped this savage gem during their predebut days. “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas” combines the English hook from “Last Christmas” with verses that throw shade at everyone from their managers to their company with lines like, “Our company, our boss – I don’t like any of you”.

BTS also released a sequel track called “A Typical Idol’s Christmas”, that was far less savage than the first. While “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas” rants about trainee hardships, “A Typical Idol’s Christmas” expresses gratitude that all their hard work has paid off, even if it means that their only Christmas gift is just more practicing.


5. When Suga contradicted RM in an interview

In this interview, RM talked about how “embarrassed” his members became when he had to leave them on their own to mingle with English-speaking celebrities. Right after RM said that none of the members can speak English, Suga contradicted him (in English) by telling the interviewer how much he enjoyed watching her videos.


6. When Jungkook side-stepped this dangerous question. (Twice!)

In interviews, BTS are often asked about their celebrity crushes, but Jungkook figured out a great way to avoid giving an answer. In an interview with Access, he said, “I know her face, but I don’t know her name.” When the interviewer asked which movie his crush was in, he avoided answering yet again by saying, “I know movie, but I don’t know movie name.”

Jungkook gave the exact same answer during another interview with E!. If it’s not broke, why fix it, right?


7. Every single rebellious reference in BTS’s “IDOL” MV

“IDOL” is a whole anti-hater anthem, but there are several moments in the video that reference specific past incidents with naysayers.

During one of RM’s livestreams, RM was happily using filters until someone told him to stop. At the time, he apologized and obliged, but later referenced the incident by using filters in the “IDOL” MV. It’s proof that RM isn’t going to stop doing what he loves just to appease other people.

V had a similar experience during a livestream. When someone told him that they didn’t like his glasses, he didn’t appear bothered but many fans noticed that he didn’t wear them again…

..until “IDOL” happened!

V rocked his glasses with confidence throughout the video, and now he wears them whenever he feels like it!