11 Little Details In BTS’s “Idol” That Deserve A Round Of Applause

Tiny details with a big impact.

With so much going on in BTS’s “Idol” it can be a little hard to catch every single detail, but some details are definitely worth keeping your eye out for. From messages of self-love and acceptance to the nods at tradition, here are some amazing little details in the group’s MV that definitely deserve a ton of love.


1. The word for love is behind Jungkook

Blink and you might miss it but in one scene of “Idol” you can see 사랑 which is the Korean word for love. It’s absolutely perfect for a song about love and acceptance!


2. Their own drawings were on display

You know those cute cartoon drawings that are on display behind the boys as they dance?


Well, upon closer inspection you’ll find that they’re really drawings done by Jimin, Jin, and Suga!


How special is that?


3. The border on those drawings

Another interesting detail that they snuck into this particular portion of the MV is the border along those pictures.


Instead of a solid line, the frame is really made up of arms and cameras. Some fans that have noticed this believe it’s a reference to people watching their every move.


Some fans also think it’s a reference to saesangs who need to know all the details in the member’s lives. And it could also be a throwback to their S concept photos.


4. The evolution of their message

BTS have come a long way. Not only in the world of music but through their message of love. Take RM‘s “Reflection” from Wings. In that song, there is the line “I wish I could love myself.


And now, a few years later, they’re spreading the love with “You can’t stop me loving myself!”


5. The detail in RM’s filters

While everyone can agree that a bunny RM is beyond cute, there just might be a hidden message that he’s trying to convey.


During one of RM’s livestreams, RM was happily using filters when someone told him to stop. At the time RM apologized and stopped his use of the filters…


But his use of them in the “Idol” MV shows that he won’t stop doing something he likes just because someone tells him not to. So BTS snuck another message of self-love and acceptance into their MV and we’re totally down for it!


6. V’s glasses

Like RM, V has also gotten some hate on a livestream. While RM’s was all about the filters he was using, for V it was his choice of glasses. Someone wasn’t a fan of them and told him he looked ugly.


V didn’t appear bothered by the comment and told fans he thought they looked good on him but many fans noticed that he didn’t wear them again…


Until the “Idol” music video of course! You do you V because everyone knows you look fabulous no matter what you’ve got on!


7. Moon Rabbit

Have you ever seen a rabbit in the moon? While BTS incorporated a cute bunny into their MV it’s actually got some major significance to Korean tradition.


According to folklore, the rabbit is on the moon pounding the ingredients for rice cakes. And the legend also gave rise to Chuseok!


8. The tiger

Like the Moon Rabbit, the tiger also plays a significant role in Korea’s tradition. It represents power, wisdom, and luck.


Plus many fans can’t get over the fact that Jin actually spoiled part of this MV without realizing it!


9. The blend of tradition with modern

Besides the incorporation of traditional folklore into their video, BTS also added other elements of tradition while putting a modern spin on things. For instance, the boys all wore modernized Korean hanboks.


RM and J-Hope were spotted with traditional gats.


And they added some tradition into their choreography.


Some parts of their dance are similar to Pungmul, a Korean traditional performing art with percussion music.


10. The nod to their previous work

Fans have noticed some major connections between the buildings seen throughout the “Love Yourself” era. From the framework of the building in “DNA”…


To the rusty building in “FAKE LOVE”…


And now the completed building in “IDOL”.


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Plus all of the other incorporations of their previous MVs that fans were convinced was all part of a bigger picture!


11. Conquering the world

And finally, the group also gave a special shoutout for their world domination! At the beginning of the MV, some ARMYs noticed a globe and a ship which could very well symbolize their ever-growing global influence!