7 Idols Destroyed the Long-Lasting Stereotype That Idols Can’t Act

Some of the best actors are also idols.

Idols are often expected to act badly because in the past, there were quite a few idols who took a break from performing on stage to play a character on TV that ended up disappointing many viewers.

But there are idols who broke that stereotype and put on acting performances that made viewers laugh and cry. Here are 7 idols who are now known as top actors in the Korean TV industry:

1. Im Siwan – ZE:A

Im Siwan‘s amazing acting ability can be proven by his impressive filmography which includes The Attorney, Misaeng, The King in Love, and The Merciless. He’s also in the middle of another work, which his fans are very excited about.

2. Yoon Doojoon – Highlight

Yoon Doojoon started his acting career with a sitcom and continued to show off his great acting skills ever since. In particular, his Let’s Eat series made viewers fall in love with both his acting and food.

3. Junho – 2PM

Junho is now more well-known as an actor than an idol, with a strong filmography including Twenty, Chief Kim, and Wok of Love. In particular, his performance in Wok of Love made fans forget his onstage persona.

4. Park Hyungsik – ZE:A

Park Hyungsik is an idol who has more well-known as an actor. He started his acting career with Dummy Mommy and went onto star in great works such as Suits and Strong Girl Bong-soon.

5. D.O. – EXO

D.O. has captured the hearts of many viewers with his acting through works such as Swing Kids, It’s Okay, That’s Love, My Annoying Brother, and 100 Days My Prince. In his first historical drama, 100 Days My Prince, his acting was so convincing that he became well-known as the actor Do Kyung Soo.

6. Yook Sungjae – BtoB

Yook Sungjae made his name known as an actor through Goblin and Who Are You: School 2015. He has acted alongside such great actors that he’s been acknowledged to be talented for not lacking in comparison.

7. Chanhee – SF9

Chanhee stood out by acting alongside well-known actors in the drama, SKY Castle. Despite only being 20 years old at the time, he conveyed the character of a wrongly convicted criminal in a mature and skillful manner.

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