“People Love To Bash On Me:” AleXa Calls Out All Her Haters During Live Broadcast

She’s tired of the stereotypes.

Solo K-Pop artist AleXa got real and addressed misconceptions and hate during a recent live broadcast.


AleXa responded to criticism about the language she chooses to speak during live broadcasts. She explained that she wants to communicate with international fans.

Those of us that speak English, we can also speak Korean and we could just choose to do our lives in Korean and not speak English … But we don’t because we want to interact with our international fans.

— AleXa


AleXa deserves better. Its honestly sad how ppl treat her and see her, i love you AleXa❤️ #AleXa #alexazblabel #alexa #alexajuliet #kpopfyp

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While Korean-speaking K-Pop idols are often requested to speak English during live broadcasts, the reverse occurs for native English speakers like AleXa and P1Harmony‘s Keeho. AleXa feels that it’s hypocritical.

I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s fine, but what bothers me is when people talk sh*t about me online. You know, calling me cringy or whatever, and yet they’re the same people that go on to a Korean idol’s live, someone that doesn’t speak English and like, ‘Oh my God. Say this in English’ or like ‘Say this, king,’ ‘Say this, queen,’ and I’m like, you want people to speak English, but you don’t appreciate those that actually do speak English.

— AleXa


‼️I need everyone to listen, even when its not bts or someone else.. but those, american-koren idols, also have feelings, and the fact many of y‘all find it cringe and extremely unfunny when american-korean idols are speaking english, y‘all should be happy. Y‘all complain that they speak korean, like lol guess what theyre kpop idols, and then y‘all say sh!t about those who speak english? Are y‘all serious??? Also its time for you guys to respect americankorean idols in the industry and appreciate them. // #AleXa #alexazb #alexazblabel #alexazbofficial #alexazb_label #aitrooper #알렉사 #bts #kpop #kpopfyp #CapCut

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AleXa also opened up about being called the “White girl idol.” She gave several biracial idols as examples, such as Jeon Somi, former MOMOLAND member Nancy, and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon. Although they are also half-Korean, AleXa feels that she is treated as if she is more White than them.

I’m half-Korean? Yes. Somi sunbae-nim also Korean. Vernon sunbae-nim also half-Korean. Nancy sunbae-nim also half-Korean. Is it because I’m American that people choose to treat me differently and that I didn’t grow up in Korea? ‘Cause ethnically, I’m just as Korean as the rest of them, and yet people love to bash on me and completely invalidate the fact that I’m half-Korean.

— AleXa

Jeon Somi

The singer continued to call out those who invalidate her Korean identity. AleXa theorized that it might be because she grew up in the United States, but by denying her Korean ancestry, her mother’s immigrant experience, as well as AleXa growing up as a minority, is completely ignored.

People are gonna say what people are gonna say, but the fact that you guys just want to dub me as the ‘White girl idol’ whenever there’s actual Caucasians in K-Pop now. Like, you’re taking away all the struggles that my mother went through as an immigrant in America. I just don’t get why people pick and choose who they’re gonna support and who they’re not gonna. …I’m never gonna understand that like to be honest.

— AleXa


PSA!!!!!! Alex growing up in America doesn’t make her white nor does it take away from the fact she is half korean. It’s such a racist and and harmful rhetoric to dismiss such a major part of her identity. @AleXa #kpop #alexa #alexakpop #alexazb #alexazblabel #zblabel #zanybros #alexchristine #produce48 #알렉사 #aitrooper #aitroopers #alexalive #tiktoklive #tiktoklivealexa #alexatiktoklive #fypシ #kpopfyp #psa #aitrooperofficial

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AleXa also mentioned being stereotyped as a “meme idol,” a K-Pop idol known only for online funny moments instead of their music. She reminded netizens that she is a singer-songwriter first and foremost.

I could not be more grateful to those of you that actually, genuinely support me as an artist and don’t just see me as a ‘meme idol.’ ‘Cause while it’s entertaining and fun, funny to see people, you know, being like, ‘Oh wow, AleXa said this. It’s so funny…’ Y’all realize I’m an artist, right? I create music, I write lyrics, I compose songs.

— AleXa


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She recognizes that not everyone will be a fan of hers, but she would at least like to be recognized and respected as a music artist rather than a meme or stereotype. Again, she wondered if the fact that she is not fully Korean is part of the reason why she is not respected.

Like if you don’t stan me, that’s cool. If you know me surface level for just being funny online, then that’s cool too, but I really wish that people would recognize me for more than just like that one English-speaking idol, you know, because there’s a lot more to me than my sarcasm and that fact I speak English. So… Which just leaves me back to, would you treat a Korean-Korean idol the same way, you know?

— AleXa

We hope that AleXa soon finally receives the recognition she deserves!

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