LOONA’s Chuu Gets Upset When Fans Find Her Only Cute On Stage

She admits to being naturally cute, but she wants to be seen for more.

Although aegyo is commonly done among all idols, no matter how reluctantly, one of the idols most known for their propensity towards cuteness is unequivocally LOONA‘s Chuu.

And in a recent interview on HeyNew‘s YouTube channel, Chuu admits that being cute isn’t an act for her.

It’s a lie if I say [I don’t think I’m cute]. For me, [my cuteness is] not ‘Awww that’s soooo cute!’ but it’s more like ‘Haha it’s funny.’ ‘It’s kinda cute.’

Honestly, I [have] tried to be funny, but I’ve never tried to look cute.



In fact, Chuu even admits that if you don’t have a naturally bright disposition, it would be difficult even intentionally to act like her.

If the bright personality isn’t really yours, it won’t last long. People who pretend to be like this will have a hard time.


But despite her natural cuteness, she wants fans to remember that she’s more than simply cute. Chuu shares that she’s been working on conveying LOONA’s powerful, charismatic stages and trying to embrace that persona.

I thought I was sexy, cool, and powerful on stage.


But despite her attempts to show off her incredible charisma, Chuu feels disappointed that people still tend to focus on her cuteness.

But honestly, whenever that happens, when people tell me I was cute up there [on stage], it even makes me upset.


And she reiterates that she’s working to portray a charismatic image that hopefully will captivate fans just as much as her natural cuteness.

I want to be charismatic on stage. I like being cute, but I think I’m really cool.


The powerful image that Chuu is striving for feels incredibly important to her, given LOONA’s concept.

LOONA is really powerful, girl-crush. It’s hip and… It’s a very powerful concept.


So when she goes on stage to perform their powerful songs, Chuu admits that she tries to think of things that make her angry, trying to find the perfect facial expression.

The hardest things at times like this is [thinking] ‘What should I be angry about?’ You have to look strong with the eyes first, but…


Given that Chuu has continuously proven herself to be an incredibly talented idol, hopefully, netizens will start to focus more on her powerful charisma rather than her cuteness as she hopes.

You can watch her recent fancam from LOONA’s “POSE” stage on Mnet‘s Queendom 2 here.

Source: HeyNews

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