These 7 Top K-Pop Idols And K-Celebrities Are BIGBANG’s Biggest Fans

VIPs who happen to be VIPs!

Fans are beyond excited for BIGBANG to return, and rightfully so! To celebrate their upcoming comeback, let’s take a look at how much the group has meant to the industry, but more importantly, its stars! This is a list of K-pop idols, Korean actors, and cultural tastemakers that have outwardly expressed their admiration for the group BIGBANG. Read on and get inspired!

1. Jungkook (BTS)

BTS’s Jungkook has long expressed his admiration for BIGBANG and G-Dragon in particular.

BTS’s Jungkook

In a BANGTAN BOMB episode, the maknae was asked, “Who would you want to be your mentor?”

Without hesitation, Jungkook chose G-Dragon! When asked why he thought to become a singer…

…he chose G-Dragon again.

It’s because of G-Dragon sunbaenim.

— Jungkook

If that isn’t “Aww” provoking, we don’t know what is!

2. IU

Korea’s top singer-songwriter IU is also a big G-Dragon fan.

In a previous interview, IU referred to herself as a BIGBANG fan. She also explained that she didn’t know she would “be able to collaborate with G-Dragon so soon” for her 2017 hit, “Palette.”

When asked how she felt when she first heard his verse, she replied by saying she literally screamed. All understandable, as we would too!

3. BamBam (GOT7)

GOT7’s BamBam has stated that G-Dragon is his number one idol.

GOT7’s BamBam

During a live stream with his fans, the idol was asked if he still loved G-Dragon…

“Yes, he’s still my number one idol… Still.

— BamBam

…to which he confirmed, “Yes.” 

4. Jay Park

Jay Park, in an appearance on Eric Nam‘s KPDB podcast, once spoke about his favorite boy group. Without hesitation, the artist/CEO chose BIGBANG.

Jay Park stated he was inspired by them and talked at length about how he could listen to their music even without any visuals.

BIGBANG surely does “make really good music,” Jay Park would agree!

5. Actor Kim Woo Bin

Did you know BIGBANG fans include some of Korea’s most sought-after actors as well? In an interview with MNET‘s M! Countdown, Kim Woo Bin was asked, “You had previously said you wanted to get close with G-Dragon, were you able to?

When he replied he never had the opportunity to, despite desiring it for a long time, the actor was handed a phone with G-Dragon on the other line!

Safe to say Kim Woo Bin was extremely happy with how the call went.

6. Zico

Hit rapper and singer Zico has also previously confessed his love for the group BIGBANG.

In an interview, he spoke about how Taeyang was his favorite Korean artist. He went on to state that having been able to work with Taeyang was a “personal highlight” for him.

Hearing Taeyang sing on a beat I made for the song “Fear” made me immensely proud.

— Zico

7. Sik-K

AOMG artist and one of Korea’s biggest rappers, Sik-K, has also admitted he was a fan of BIGBANG.

Sik-K | @younghotyellow94/Instagram

In fact, he once revealed in an interview that he is a first-generation VIP!

I even told Jay Park that Taeyang is my favorite musician.

— Sik-K

He explained that he became one because he loved BIGBANG “just because,” before sheepishly explaining that Taeyang was a huge inspiration to him.


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