7 K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Groups, But Came Back To Re-Join Them Again

These idols ended up rejoining their groups, much to the delight of fans!

The members of K-Pop groups are often well-noted for their synergy and teamwork, and it’s heartbreaking for fans when a member leaves. There are some K-Pop idols, however, that left their groups, but rejoined them again down the line! Here are 7 K-Pop idols who left, and joined their groups once more!

1. Sunmi (Wonder Girls)

Sunmi debuted with the rest of the members as Wonder Girls in 2007, and they enjoyed great success after a slew of hit songs with “Irony”, “Tell Me”, and “Nobody”!

Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

After promoting with them for 3 years, Sunmi left the group in 2010 to pursue her studies, but returned to JYP Entertainment in 2013, and made her successful solo debut with the songs “24 Hours”, and “Full Moon”!

Sunmi | JYP Entertainment

Sunmi then re-joined Wonder Girls as a member in 2015, and the group returned with their iconic band concept for their comebacks, before disbanding in 2017.

| JYP Entertainment

2. Mark (NCT Dream)

In 2016, NCT Dream debuted as a 7-member unit, with Mark as the oldest member of the group! Up until 2020, NCT Dream had a graduation system, where members would “graduate” and leave the group when they turned 20 years old, as the unit was meant to have the youngest members of NCT in it.

NCT Dream | SM Entertainment

Mark turned 20 in 2019, thus graduating from the unit at the start of the year, but returned to the unit in 2020 when SM Entertainment abolished the graduation system and made NCT Dream a fixed unit!

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

3. Kiseop (U-KISS)

U-KISS debuted in 2008, with a 6-member lineup under NH Media. Kiseop joined the group a year later in 2009, and promoted with them until 2019, when his contract with NH Media expired that year.

U-KISS | NH Media

After all the members of U-KISS left NH Media in 2021, Soohyun, Hoon, and Kiseop signed new contracts with Tango Music in 2022 as U-KISS, and Kiseop officially re-joined the group!

Soohyun, Hoon, and Kiseop | Tango Music

4. Minzy (2NE1)

2NE1 was one of the most well-known girl groups, and were very popular for their girl crush concept and amazing music! They debuted as a 4-member group in 2009, and had many hit songs such as “I Am The Best”, “Lonely”, and “I Don’t Care”!


Minzy promoted with the group as their main dancer and maknae until 2016, when she decided not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment. The rest of the members stayed under YG Entertainment, until 2NE1 disbanded later that year. Bom decided to sign with another agency, while CL and Dara stayed on as solo artists until 2019 and 2021, respectively.

Minzy | @_minzy_mz/Instagram

The members have always been close, however, and frequently met up with one another, proving their close bond! Minzy soon “returned” as a member of 2NE1 this year at their iconic Coachella performance, and the group showed that after all this time, they’ve still got it!

| RollingStone

5. Euaerin (NINE MUSES)

NINE MUSES made their debut in 2010 as a 9-member group under Star Empire. Euaerin was part of the original line up, but left the group a year later in February 2011 to focus on her education.

NINE MUSES | Star Empire

She ultimately ended up re-joining the group in August 2011, and promoted with them until the end of her contract in 2016, a year before the group disbanded.

| Star Empire

6. Heesun (Pink Fantasy)

Pink Fantasy is a girl group that made their debut in 2018 under MyDoll Entertainment. The group debuted with an 8-member lineup, of which Heesun was a part of.

Pink Fantasy | MyDoll Entertainment

Heesun then left the group in 2019 citing mental health issues, but re-joined the group in 2020 as a “guest member” for the group’s “Lemon Candy” comeback, and has since participated in their subsequent comebacks as a “guest member”!

| MyDoll Entertainment

7. Yoon Kye Sang (g.o.d)

g.o.d is a first-generation K-Pop boy group that debuted in 1999, under SidusHQ. They made their debut with a 5-member lineup, and became one of the most popular boy groups of their generation!

g.o.d | SidusHQ

Yoon Kye Sang eventually left the group in 2004, and the group switched their management to JYP Entertainment that same year. g.o.d then went on hiatus from 2006 to 2014, and with Yoon Kye Sang officially re-joining the group in 2014, made their much-awaited reunion together as 5 members that year!

Source: Reddit
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