These 7 K-Pop Tracks Are All Titled “Shadow”… And They All Slap

We can call this the “Slapslist”.

The concept of light vs. shadow must really be a favorite in the world of K-Pop — as these tracks all have been titled “Shadow” (or some variation). From as early as 1998, when the first generation of K-Pop dawned, to as recent as 2020, when K-Pop has well begun transcending boundaries, these “Shadow”s have blessed fans with their own unique charms.

1. Fin.K.L’s “Shadow”

This melancholic “Shadow” dropped in 1998 as part of Fin.K.L‘s debut album. K-Pop fans still adore the members’ visuals glowing in the music video.

2. BoA’s “The Shadow”

BoA‘s “The Shadow” dropped in 2012, as part of her 7th album “Only One”. The song, as well as the choreography, gave BoA strong J.Lo vibes which K-Pop fans found attractive AF.

3. BEAST’s “Shadow”

BEAST‘s “Shadow” dropped in 2013 and immediately climbed to the top of music charts, with some “aggressive, piano-laden electro-pop beat” as Billboard‘s Jeff Benjamin put it.

4. SF9’s “Shadow”

This catchy “Shadow” dropped in 2018 as part of SF9‘s 5th mini album “Sensuous”. This bop brings light to the versatility of each and every SF9 member.

5. NU’EST W’s “Shadow”

NU’EST W‘s funky “Shadow” also dropped in 2018, in their mini album “WHO.YOU”. K-Pop fans loved the trendy vibe NU’EST W gave to the song.

6. Taemin’s “Shadow”

Taemin‘s sensual “Shadow” dropped in 2019, as part of his mini album “WANT”. Alongside 99% of his solo tracks, “Shadow” ranks as one of the most difficult performances to cover.

7. BTS Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow”

Finally, in 2020, BTS‘s Suga dropped “Interlude: Shadow” as a comeback trailer for the upcoming album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. This track is a banger on its own, but all the secret messages hidden in the music video makes it even more intriguing.

Source: THEQOO