7 Memes Of Stray Kids Felix Cute Visual And Personality Vs. His Deep Voice

His voice is everything!

From a glance, anyone can tell that Stray KidsFelix has a cute and charming appeal to his visuals. With big eyes and a sweet smile, many define Felix as a cute idol—until he opens his mouth and speaks.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Many are aware that Felix’s innocent appearance and cute personality don’t match his deep voice, and they can’t help but make memes about it. Here are 10 memes representing Felix’s cute face and personality vs. his deep voice!

1. Pretty accurate

2. No one can better represent the difference than Felix himself

3. “Bad squishy”

4. I could see Felix living in that Pink House

5. Why does that adorable cat look like Felix

6. I think we’ve all reacted like this before

7. Again how do you not react like this?

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