7 Misconceptions About BTS That People Still Believe

Here are the facts, and only the facts.

BTS‘s members have been misjudged a lot over the years. The general public is now beginning to understand them, there are still many misconceptions that many people still believe.

1. They are “manufactured”

This is one of the most common misconceptions, not only for BTS, but for all K-Pop artists. BTS trained at their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, for years, receiving guidance and honing their skills, but this does not mean they were “manufactured”.

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If anything, Big Hit Entertainment’s current training system was shaped by BTS, as BTS was their first boy group. Moreover, the members have been directly involved in creating their own content since the beginning.

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2. Their fans are all “crazy” teenage girls

This is a myth largely perpetuated by western media outlets and believed by the general public. In reality, ARMYs are anywhere between 1 and 100 years old, coming from all walks of life to enjoy BTS’s music.

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3. They make generic boyband music

False! BTS experiments with a variety of genres, and they aren’t afraid to tackle tough topics in their music. Rather than creating vague, bubblegum pop bops, BTS opts for sincerity, speaking from the heart.


Their discography takes listeners on a personal journey that began with battling the odds as underdogs and continues on toward striving for self-love that gives hope to a world in dire need of it.

BTS’s Jungkook | Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

4. They became global stars because of their looks, not their talent

Although BTS’s members are undeniably handsome, looks did not turn this group into a global sensation. For one thing, there is no shortage of pretty people in K-Pop.

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For another, BTS were at a huge disadvantage when they debuted, having come from a small company. This is a disadvantage that good looks could not have overcome. BTS has consistently put on incredible performances and created fantastic music since 2013 that has resonated with fans around the globe. It’s what made them famous!

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5. They don’t write their own music

Speaking of music, some people believe that BTS’s members aren’t songwriters, but that’s simply not true. All the members are involved in composing BTS’s tracksRM alone has over 100 songs credited to his name!

6. They are being controlled by their agency

Every employee has rules that they need to follow at the workplace, and it’s no different for K-Pop idols. That said, Big Hit Entertainment has always given BTS creative and personal freedom, encouraging them to create their own solo music, videos, and more if they so wish.

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7. Their friendship is just for show

Over the years, BTS and various professionals in the entertainment have all commented on the members’ genuine friendship. BTS describes their bond as being somewhere in between friends and family, and the people they have worked with have seen just how true that is.

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