7 Moments That Show BTS Was Meant To Be Global Superstars

Nothing can stop these boys!

BTS has gone through many trials and tribulations through the years as K-Pop idols, and every time something didn’t go as planned, there was always a way out of it.

Here are seven moments that proved that nothing could stop BTS!

1. Weather

Back in 2018, typhoon Soulik struck Korea and was expected to be hit with severe damage. They even had to take down the stage set two days before the concert due to preventative safety measures. Miraculously, the typhoon died down and the rain stopped an hour before the concert began. What’s even crazier is the fact that the rain started pouring again just as the concert finished!

2. The Lucky One

The group once made an appearance on a Taiwan broadcast for an overseas schedule and ending up winning a cruise vacation ticket! How lucky are they?!

Just look how surprised V is at what happened!

3. Fortune cookies

RM once opened a fortune cookie, and the fortune totally predicted the future!

“The veil has been lifted and it is time to face the bright light.”

“Remember the struggle that you endured to get away from the dark and move forward.”

“Happiness awaits you.”

This was after they released “DNA”, when they were going through some hard times. But after receiving this fortune cookie, they released “FAKE LOVE” and hit No.1 for the first time on Billboard.

4. Idol Star Athletic Championship

Before the release of “RUN”, BTS made an appearance on MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Championship and joined the relay for the first time. No one expected anything from them until Jungkook took the gold medal at the end.

This comment totally sums it up!

5. Stadium Concert

As for their stadium concert at New York City’s Citi Field, this was made possible because they happened to have their schedule free on that date! Citi Field is known for not holding concerts very often, so it was a big deal to have BTS perform there.

| Nina Westervelt/The New York Times

6. First Live Show

As for their first live performance on a music broadcast, it happened because there was a sudden space that needed to be filled for the show.

Truthfully, it wasn’t planned but we were luckily given the chance to perform. We didn’t have much time to process what was going on and all the staff members were on edge about the show so even after we finished, we found ourselves questioning if we really had debuted.

⁠— Suga

7. Grammys

During a game of hide and seek on the James Corden show, Suga tried to hide by blending in with the other staff backstage only to later find out that the person he sat next to was the producer for the 2021 Grammys!

It looks like regardless of what may be thrown at them, there is nothing that can stop BTS from reaching their dreams and making it to the top!

Source: theqoo


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