7 Photos Of Suzy On Vacation Will Make You Feel Like You’re Right There Beside Her

It’s like Suzy is so close that we can reach out and touch her.

1. Suzy‘s doing stuff every one of us would be doing while traveling…

Just chilling in a restaurant.


2. She is dressed casually strolling through the streets…

Image: @skuukzky

That’s you taking the photo, right?


3. And enjoying the weird and cute things you can buy in Japan, like this poo-shaped hat.

Image: @skuukzky

Because we’ve all done it.


4. She’s taking taxis…

Image: @skuukzky


5. And looks to be eating a lot of delicious food.

Image: @skuukzky


6. She even does the hovering food pose!

You’re doing that right along with her, amirite?


7. She’s so friendly that she seems like a great traveling companion!

Image: @skuukzky


She even made a video of herself just chilling out, exploring the country and making a lot of cute faces – check it out below to really feel like you’re there with her!

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