7 Reasons Why Big Hit Could Create The Most Kickass Girl Group Ever

Big Hit Entertainment isn’t debuting a girl group any time soon, but if they did…

After GLAM‘s utter failure and BTS‘s massive success, it’s easy to see why Big Hit Entertainment is playing it safe by only accepting male trainees. That said, the K-Pop world has changed drastically since BTS became a global phenomenon, and so has Big Hit Entertainment. Over the past 5 years, BTS’s agency has learned how to propel a group of talented artists into international stardom and, as a result, could potentially use the “BTS formula” to create the most kickass girl group ever. Here’s how.


1. By choosing dedicated trainees with admirable ethics.

Before BTS happened, Big Hit Entertainment’s founder Bang Si Hyuk and Source Music co-created a 5-member girl group with an upbeat and sassy sound. Unfortunately, GLAM disbanded after experiencing scandal after scandal.

One member allegedly displayed saesang behavior, while another engaged in an affair and was convicted of extortion.


So far, BTS have never had a major scandal. They put their careers first, while striving to be role models for ARMY in both their professional and personal lives.

Fans have fallen in love with BTS’s upstanding and humble members just as much as they have with BTS’s music. To create the perfect girl group, Big Hit Entertainment should seek out female trainees with these key characteristics.


2. By choosing trainees with the right chemistry.

ARMYs absolutely adore BTS’s strong, genuine friendship. It has even stood out to industry veterans like Jessi, who recently called it the key to their ongoing success.


Although the idol life is never for the faint of heart, tight-knit groups like Super Junior and SHINee have proven that true friendship is essential for career longevity. Big Hit Entertainment’s ideal girl group would be made up of members who would truly love and stand by each other like the BTS members do.


Friendship has been important to BTS since the very beginning. Jungkook was scouted by 7 different companies, but ended up chosing Big Hit Entertainment because he wanted to work with RM.


3. By creating a girl group that produces their own songs

One of the reasons why BTS’s music is so successful is because it is so relatable. BTS writes their music based on their own struggles and experiences, which millions of fans, especially fans in the same age bracket as the members, can strongly relate to.


BTS also isn’t afraid to sing about controversial topics like mental health (Agust D‘s “The Last”) or social issues like feminism (“21st Century Girls”).


If Big Hit Entertainment’s hypothetical girl group approached their music with the same creativity and fearlessness they would likely gain a fan following as strong as ARMY.


4. By appealing to an international audience

When it comes to marketing, Bang Si Hyuk is one smart cookie. He skipped right over the oversaturated Korean K-Pop market and appealed to international fans, who he believed would be more receptive to BTS’s narrative concept.


During a lecture, he said that Korean fans wanted “pretty oppas” with cool dances, while international fans enjoyed analyzing BTS’s videos and lyrics.


As such, international fans would likely be into a Big Hit Entertainment girl group with complicated, interconnecting narratives full of twists, turns, and parallel universes.


5. By giving a girl group powerful choreography

Picture this: BTS’s choreographer(s) creating routines for a BTS sister group. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

In general, boy group choreography tends to be fiercer and more complex than that of girl groups. Although there are exceptions to the rule, girl groups have a history of gravitating toward smoother, simpler dance routines.


GLAM’s dances could be considered one of their strong points. They combined classic hip-hop swagger with hints of cuteness, and even included a bit of b-boying.


If Big Hit Entertainment debuted a GLAM 2.0 with BTS-like choreography, that group would be a force to be reckoned with!


6. By interacting with the fandom

BTS’s fandom isn’t called “ARMY” for nothing. Collectively, BTS fans have one of the strongest social media presences on the internet right now.


BTS goes out of their way to use social media to keep in touch with, and create content for, their dedicated fans, especially global fans who cannot attend in-person fan meets.

To establish a strong fanbase like this, Big Hit Entertaintment’s future gals would do well to follow BTS’s example!


7. By choosing memorable visuals

Let’s be honest; the BTS boys are fine. Every member’s visuals are on-point, but also very memorable. The members are equally attractive, yet each one has his own unique look that appeals to fans’ different tastes.

Big Hit Entertainment has proven that they rock at selecting top visuals, so this could-be girl group would definitely have some of the most beautiful members in K-Pop!