Jessi Reveals BTS Are All Genuine Friends With Each Other, Compared to Other Groups

Jessi says that BTS’s friendship sets them apart from other groups.

During a live broadcast, Jessi revealed what she believes is the key BTS’s success: their genuine friendship.


When asked about BTS, Jessi offered both praise and insider insight.

 “They’re doing so well in America though. So proud of them.”  — Jessi


She complimented BTS’s talent, but also their excellent teamwork.

“I feel like they’re doing well even so, not only because are they, like, good and stuff, but they actually have great teamwork, because I’ve actually seen it and witnessed it.” — Jessi


When Jessi witnessed BTS’s synergy firsthand, she was shocked.

“I was like…” — Jessi


Jessi has been active in the K-Pop industry since the early 2000s, so she has seen her fair share of idol group dynamics.

“I see idols in groups not liking each other and sh*t, because obviously when you’re with people for too long…when you’re in a group, obviously if you see them 24 hours you’re going to bump heads.” — Jessi


Jessi said that it’s easy for members to clash after spending so much time together, but BTS manages to do well together, even on long work days. This is because they truly care about each other.

“I’ve seen the way they work. We were working for over 14 hours. They have really good…just their friendship. They’re actually friends.” — Jessi


BTS’s strong friendship is one of the many reasons why fans love them so much.

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All seven members have stuck by each other from their pre-debut days…


…through their rookie years…


…until now.


Fame may come and go, but a friendship like theirs…


…is forever!


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