7 Small But Sweet Things V Did To Show BTS How Much He Cares

His actions speak louder than words.

If actions speak louder than words, V‘s love for BTS is on full blast. Here are 7 small but sweet things he did to show his members how much he cares about them.

1. When he didn’t want Jin to be alone

One time, Jin became separated from the rest of BTS at an airport…but not for long!

V left the autowalk and hurried to the other side of it just to be with Jin.

Jin was all smiles, and even these blurry photos can’t hide it. Like BTS says, You Never Walk Alone!

2. When he won a flamingo for J-Hope

Winning a stuffed prize at a carnival isn’t easy (or cheap), but V laid down as many euros as it took to get J-Hope a flamingo. Why? Because J-Hope had never seen one before.

When V gave J-Hope his gift, they were both so excited that fans could feel their happiness through the screen.

3. The way he divided their teams

Instead of dividing BTS into “tall” and “short”, he decided to do “tall” and “to-be-tall”. This made his members laugh, but his reasoning was sweet.

He didn’t want to be unkind to his to-be-tall friends!

4. That time he gave Suga his shoes

When V noticed that Suga was in socks, he gave him his sandals and went barefoot so that Suga’s socks wouldn’t get dirty.

5. When he respected RM’s boundaries

Some BTS members are huge cuddlers (*cough* maknae line *cough*), but RM likes to have his own space at night.

During Bon Voyage 4, RM and V bunked together for the first time since debut. V asked RM if he could hold him while sleeping, but RM wasn’t feeling that.

So, V asked if he could hold his hand instead.

6. When he showed this appreciation for Jimin’s present

Jimin gave V two bear figurines to celebrate V’s solo song, “Winter Bear”. V said thank you with more than words when he used Jimin’s bears as part of his cover art.

7. When he found Jungkook’s favorite toy

During a concert, V pick up an Iron Man toy from ARMY and gave it to Iron Man’s #1 fan in BTS, Jungkook.

(It was a sad day for Winnie the Pooh.)