7 Songs You Didn’t Realize Were Written By Jonghyun

Jonghyun wrote and produced songs for other artists as well.

The songs Jonghyun left us with will forever leave a mark on the K-Pop industry. In addition to a series of amazing solo releases, Jonghyun has also written and produced music for other artists as well.

Here are seven hit songs that you may not have known were written by Jonghyun.

1. “Juliette” – SHINee

Although Jonghyun did not compose the song, he and fellow group member Minho co-wrote the lyrics to this beautiful single. The lyrics are about serenading a lover, like Romeo and Juliet.

2. “Obsession” – SHINee

Jonghyun and Minho teamed up again to write the lyrics for “Obsession”, and fans have been in love with its dark tone. The song is about a man is obsessed with sorrow and regrets his lost love and being obsessed with the sorrow.

3. “Alarm Clock” – SHINee

This gloomy, sad song is a fan favorite from SHINee’s album Sherlock. The lyrics are about a man’s denial over losing his love. He wants the alarm clock to ring so he could wake up and forget about the love that he’s lost. Once again, the lyrics were co-written with Minho.

4. “A Gloomy Clock” (Feat. Jonghyun) – IU

This is the first song Jonghyun produced on his own, meaning he wrote the music, as well as the lyrics. IU and Jonghyun sing about being gloomy, without any particular reason to be sad. IU revealed that the song was originally written for Jonghyun himself, but when she heard this song for the first time, she begged him to sell the song to her.

5. “Red Candle” – Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi released this digital single, showing her range of emotions and depth. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics and music. Her husky voice diffuses right into the guitar riff sound, creating a melancholic tone to the song.

6. “Playboy” – EXO

Jonghyun wrote this song for EXO for their album Exodus. The harmonies and raps fit perfectly in this 90’s groove with a vocal highlight at the end. The song is about forbidden love between two people, saying that nobody needs to know about their love affair.

7. “View” – SHINee

When SHINee came back with this hit single, critics and fans were amused by the quality of the song, yet not many people noticed Jonghyun wrote the lyrics to the song. They chose this song as a lead single for their fourth studio album Odd in 2015, because of its youthfulness sound that represents SHINee perfectly.