7 Things BTS Want To Hear From ARMYs All The Time

Be sure to let BTS know these things!

As a part of the interview done for the official Japanese fan club magazine, BTS revealed the best things they have heard coming from ARMYs. The members shared the different types of messages from their fans that are sure to brighten up their days!


1. Jin

I had a fan tell me at a fan meeting, ‘I feel happy simply by looking at you.’

— Jin

Looks like for Jin, it matters when his visual — or his worldwide handsome existence in general — actually does have a positive impact on fans’ lives!


2. Suga

I like it when fans tell us, ‘Today’s performance was amazing!’ We do live stages so we can hear more of that.

— Suga

For Suga, it’s all about how the music communicates to the fans. He is proud of his live and energetic performances and appreciates it when it delivers to ARMYs.


3. J-Hope

‘I Purple You.’ That’s like a secret code among us all.

— J-Hope

J-Hope found this “secret love message” to pick up his mood right away. The color purple, which has come to symbolize so much for both BTS and ARMYs, is bound to put a smile on J-Hope’s face.


4. RM

It makes me happy when fans tell me that BTS made them happy.

— RM

For RM, what goes around comes around. If he can make ARMYs happy, ARMYs can make him happy!


5. Jimin

I feel good when fans tell me that our performances and songs can make them happy.

— Jimin

Jimin, like ARMYs know him to be, is all about the stage. His passion to put on the best show each and every time becomes his drive and motivation. So when ARMYs tell him that the performance was bomb AF, it lights up his day!


6. V

All I have to hear is, ‘Thank you for being by our side.’ That makes me happy.

— V

V, being a teddy bear he is, can make the most of the simplest things. And like V, V’s fans can also find happiness in the smallest things — like simply existing together. When ARMYs and BTS fully appreciate each other’s presence and support, V is 100% content.


7. Jungkook

It makes me happy when I hear that I’m doing a good job and I’m going the right way.

— Jungkook

For Jungkook, as he is one competitive and overachieving soul, ARMYs’ acknowledgement is important. It makes him happy when his hard work and diligence is recognized. Be sure to send Jungkook an all thumbs-up!

Source: Tistory