7 Things You Should NEVER Get Your Korean Girlfriend On White Day

You may not have realized but Korean girls really don’t like these gifts.

With White Day fast approaching, A Youtube video came to light listing down the top items women doesn’t certainly want to receive on the day.


Many countries in Asia such as Korea, Japan and China practice White Day – a romantic day where men shower women with treats, usually candy or chocolates, held every March 14th.


Some women usually have good memories on this day but some reveal bad ones especially when gifted with these seven items.


7th – An expensive luxury bag

Not all women long for an expensive, luxury item, often times it becomes a burden and make one feel uncomfortable. According to the source, if you want to give away such items, give it to your mother instead.


6th – Accessories

There are too many varieties for items like this and not easy to choose as it depends to the tastes of the person you’re giving to. Often times, it’s a hit and miss! So caution.


5th – Couple items

It can be  couple tee, couple shoes and other gifts for couples – the ideas are endless. However, they are not suitable for White Day. Such items are often matched to a couple’s anniversary and for March 14th, it’s a good idea to have a gift for the woman only.

4th – Bouquet

It’s said on the video that women who love bouquets are hard to find these days. It may be heartwarming to receive but maintaining to keep it alive can be a burden. Except of course if she really fancies them.

3rd – A big cuddly toy

They may be a popular item to give but make sure in advance that your girlfriend really likes it. Otherwise, it’ll be quite a hassle bringing it on the date itself.


2nd – Any unfinished gift

A gift that it not prepared is what women really dislike on the day. No wonder it’s on second place.


1st – A big candy basket

And this tops the list! In fact it’s so disliked it’s earned quite a unique nickname as pretty garbage. The basket is expensive and big in size and has been ultimately ranked first on various surveys.


Do you agree with what Koreans say are probably the 7 worst gifts to get your girlfriend for White Day?

Source: Dispatch
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