7 Things You Never Knew About About Suzy, That’ll Make You Cry

Suzy is, has always been, and will always be beautiful inside and out.

Since her debut with girl group miss A in 2010, Suzy has been ceaselessly active in her promotions as a performer and an actress. Over the years, she has revealed some things about herself that warmed or broke our hearts and made her seem more human, in spite of her heavenly visuals.


1. Suzy supports humanism and fights for what is right.

Humanism, as defined by a humanist website, is “a progressive life stance that affirms our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good of humanity.” Leading an ethical life that adds to the greater good of humanity is exactly what Suzy did, when she publicly showed support for a sexual assault victim’s allegation against a photography studio that held an illegal and violating photo shoot. While there is controversy in relation to Suzy’s decision to speak directly about this incident, fans are welcoming her taking action as one of Korea’s biggest female stars to use her influence in a way that she believes helps the nation. When Suzy added her voice to the feminist movement in Korea, it made her fans feel empowered and proud.

“I didn’t want to let this pass because with more people’s attention and interest, a better solution could come forth. This is not because the victim is female. This isn’t about feminism. This is from a human to another human. It’s an intervention, for humanism.”

— Suzy


2. Suzy loved being a part of miss A, but she was terrified too.

When miss A disbanded in 2017, Suzy decided to stay with JYP Entertainment while two of her teammates left. Fans were sad to see such a popular girl group with so many hit songs go down in history. The news of miss A’s disbandment brought light on an interview Suzy did when she promoted with the group. The way she reminisced about her nervous, rookie days broke the fans’ hearts all over again.

“I got a lot of hate because I didn’t have a long training period. A lot of people grew jealous about the fact I got to debut so quickly. Looking back, I can almost understand why everyone must have hated me so much… When I first signed with the agency, the other miss A members were on the brink of debuting. When I heard that I was going to debut with them, I was extremely happy and couldn’t quite believe it. On the other hand, I became really worried.”

— Suzy


3. Suzy is a bit of a perfectionist, but is trying to learn to relax.

During her ELLE Magazine interview, Suzy talked about pushing herself to the limit when she is working. While fans appreciate Suzy’s dedication to her career and effort to show only her best sides, they also worry she will get too stressed. Fortunately, she is figuring out how to put some of that pressure off and let herself off easy from time to time.

“I’m usually really strict with myself when I’m working. I don’t sleep as much… but as I grow older, I’ve picked up some know-hows and learned to switch my lifestyle around. These days, I focus on trying to make the time to get some rest whenever I can. I realized pushing myself to death doesn’t always mean the best results.”

— Suzy


4. Suzy suffered depression, but got through it with her family and friends.

On an episode of Healing Camp, Suzy talked about her depression. Because she debuted at such a young age, she didn’t quite know how to deal with the tremendous amount of stress that accompanies a celebrity life. Suzy explained that her personality to keep things to herself didn’t help much either. She came to a point when she thought, “Can I keep doing this? Will I be able to get through another day like this tomorrow?”

“I used to think no matter what happened, I had to accept it. That became quite stressful. I became somewhat depressed because of holding things in so much, but again, I wasn’t able to share that with anyone. I ended up breaking down in front of a friend. We were laughing and having fun when I suddenly broke into tears. My friend got really worried about me and said I should try to talk things out when I’m frustrated.”

— Suzy


5. Suzy understands how the spotlight works.

Suzy broke her fans’ hearts when she so calmly spoke about how one day she simply won’t be famous anymore. Through her mature, thoughtful answer, fans got to see how strong, though vulnerable, Suzy really is.

“I’m receiving so much love and I’m grateful, but at the same time I can’t be completely happy about it. I always tell myself fame comes and goes and nothing is forever. Still, sometimes I think about the end and get nervous. Will I be able to accept that my time is over and remain confident? I also worry a lot about my family, especially when they hear so much praise about me. I keep telling them that I won’t be famous forever. I don’t know if my mom will be able to handle my downfall when it comes.”

— Suzy


6. Suzy cares about the society and is active in taking care of it.

Suzy puts her hard-earned money to good use by giving back to the community. In 2014, after the Sewol ferry accident, Suzy anonymously donated $45,000 USD to a non-profit organization that assisted the affected families. In fact, Suzy has been donating $10,000 USD each year to help young cancer and leukemia patients. By 2015, she became the 791st member of the Honor Society, consisting of members who donate large sums of money to charity. Since then, Suzy donated over $450,000 USD in 2016 to improve welfare for preschool aged children in Korea and another $100,000 USD in 2017 to improve organ donation facilities and treatments.

“Suzy has never wanted to reveal that she donates. So she donates anonymously. I believe she discusses her decision with her mother before donating the money.”

— JYP Entertainment Associate


7. Suzy will make the malicious haters face the law.

Since 2012, when a male in his 20s sent sexually harassing pictures of himself to Suzy, she has been battling malicious comments and rumors by taking them straight to court. The particular incident from 2012, she and the agency took to the police for official investigation. The harasser visited Suzy everyday for two months asking for forgiveness, to which Suzy finally responded by letting him off. By 2014, she had two more cases of “haters” be investigated and tried by law. A female in her 30s was taken to court for wishing Suzy “death by a car accident.” Suzy personally responded to this by tweeting back, “So you want me dead.” While Suzy remained strong and unshaken by the hateful comments, fans shared her pain by trying to imagine the amount of horror and stress Suzy must have went through.