Suzy Posted About The Petition For YouTuber’s Sexual Assault, But It Had The Wrong Studio — Now They Want To Sue Her

While Suzy never mentioned the name of the studio, she did fuel the petition signing.

When Suzy took side of Yang Ye Won, a YouTuber who revealed her history of being sexually assaulted during a photoshoot, and uploaded a long statement about her opinion on the matter, the internet blew up.

Suzy’s support for the YouTuber fueled the petition to be signed by over 50,000 citizens as soon as she uploaded the post. The petition is now at over 188K signatures.


The thing is, when the YouTube video was first released and angry citizens took the matter to the Blue House with an official petition, it initially revealed the photography studio’s name to be “Hapjeong Once Picture”.

While the title has been changed to “Hapjeong ** Picture”, the name is easily searchable on Google because of the amount of attention it received already.


When Suzy shared that she signed the petition, and as more people signed on to the petition page and searched deeper about the incident, it became easy for everyone to believe the studio that harmed Yang Ye Won is indeed Once Picture.


A few days later, Once Picture claimed that they are not the same alleged studio that harassed Yang Ye Won. The owner of the studio claims that he took over the studio after the photoshoot had already taken place and Once Picture is not responsible for anything that happened prior to January 2016.

“Someone talked to the victim and shared this with me on my studio’s website. The victim talked about the date of the incident. This photoshoot date does not match with my studio’s opening date. The victim says the shoot was July 2015, but my studio opened January 2016. I took over a studio, remodeled it, and have been operating it ever since. I have never forced anyone to take pictures or held private photoshoots. If there is something that needs to be investigated, I’m completely open to it. I am innocent though. I will be taking legal action against anyone who libels my studio or spreads false information about me.” — Once Studio


Once Studio called out Suzy for making things worse for the studio, when it is not the current studio’s fault.

“I can only imagine that Suzy knows how much impact she can have. So for her to sign a petition that clearly reveals the name and location of my studio and agree that the studio has done something illegal by posting it on her social media, she should have done so after she figured out what is true. Did she not think about how much damage and pain a famous person’s influence can have on an innocent average man’s life…” — Once Picture


Regarding this, Suzy posted an apology on her Instagram. JYP Entertainment explained, “Suzy wanted to apologize to the studio directly so we contacted the owner. He wanted us to speak with his legal representative rather than take Suzy’s apology. That’s why Suzy went ahead and uploaded the apology on her social media account first.”

“I learned that the petition I signed recently had revealed the wrong business name and owner, causing trouble for innocent people who are not related to this allegation. I would like to apologize to those who have been affected by my signing the petition, as I believe my public agreement may have caused more damage. It is my fault that I was not more careful to look deeper into the matter, even though what I did was out of good intention. I’m uploading this because I would like to point out to everyone that the studio in question is not related to the incident. Aside from this mix-up, however, I would like to continue rooting for everyone who supports the investigation so the truth can come out.” — Suzy


The owner of Once Picture said he will be taking legal action against those who have brought tremendous damage to his business by revealing his business name, spreading rumors about the studio, and more.

“By May 17th 6AM, I had already shared that the victim’s photoshoot date is before I opened the studio and that my studio and I have nothing to do with the allegation. In fact, I received some media coverage later that night, saying the studio has been wrongfully accused. This did not stop the petition with my business name to go live on the Blue House website. When Suzy agreed to the petition and shared news of it, the petition was seen by over 100K on the first day and 170K by the next.

Meanwhile, my studio’s website was bombarded with comments of hate and criticism. Pictures of me went around the internet, saying it’s the face of the criminal. I became terrified…

I am not trying to belittle Suzy’s good intention or meddle with the investigation. I will be providing everything I can and know to help the police figure this out… I simply want to point out that a third-party who is not related or responsible for the incident should not be getting hurt in the process of the investigation.

I understand Suzy wrote me an apology, but a simple sorry isn’t going to undo the damage. It’s not solely her fault, but where will I be compensated for the destruction that my studio went through from this?

I want this to become a good lesson for celebrities and how their rash decisions to impose their influences in the wrong ways can cause so much damage. Whoever first posted the petition with my business name on it is yet to apologize to me…

I cannot sit around and wait anymore. I am going to protect my business that I’ve worked hard to build. It will take a long time to turn back everything that has happened, but with my coworkers, models, and friends who are entrusting their faith in me I will take control of this. As my first step, I will be taking legal action against the person who first posted the petition, malicious commenters, rumor spreaders, the Blue House for neglecting to do something about a defaming petition up so long, and Suzy. I will be doing what I can and should, after consulting legal advice.” — Once Picture


Suzy’s fans don’t understand how the studio’s owner could take action against Suzy for simply signing a petition. Some believe she should have been more careful, as she is a huge celebrity with a powerful influence.

  • “Suzy knows exactly how to be a good influence. She knows how to put her power to good use. I am so proud of her! ❤💛”

  • “I’m sorry, but what did Suzy do? Did she personally call out the studio or did she side with the victim? She simply said we should look at each other as humans, regardless of sex. Why is he complaining? I hate this so much. Suzy has no reason to apologize or feel bad. Suzy, your courage deserves respect and you will become an even more beloved actress.”

  • “You did nothing wrong, please don’t feel guilty. 😢”

  • “This just sucks for both the studio and Suzy.”

  • “Of course this can’t end with an apology. She should face legal action. Even if she didn’t directly reveal the business name, she linked the petition that reveals everything about the business on her social media. She led people to see. She is at fault.”

JYP Entertainment also stated that the agency and Suzy will follow the advice of the legal team and handle matters as necessary.

Source: OSEN, Joins and Wikitree