7 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Were Everyone’s Dream BFFs

They’re close friends.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri are well-known best friends. They’re an example of friendship that blossomed after both appearing on the same show. Their age difference and experience in the industry do not matter for the two—they’re as close as ever.

Here are just some examples of how adorable their friendship is!

1. When they made a TV meeting last forever

The two idols met in DoReMi Market and became close after Hyeri, a “cool sunbae” gave Rose her number. Their friendship grew exponentially after they kept in touch.

2. When they out aegyo‘d each other on Instagram

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Their relationship even extends to social media where they make fun of each other repeatedly. Hyeri once posted classy photos of her in a white blouse and bright red lips, asking her followers “What kind of concept is it today?”

Rose commented with a raised hand emoji, “I know”, to which Hyeri replied cutely, “O-gu-o-gu”.

3.  When they made time to see each other

Some of Rosé’s best photos were taken by Hyeri! The two met in a comfortable setting and commemorated the event with pictures.

4. When Rosé supported her drama

Rosé gave Hyeri an entire coffee truck to support her movie My Punch-Drunk Boxer. She even attended the premier, commenting that she “almost teared up” and that she’s thankful for being invited.

5. When Hyeri defended Rosé

Hyeri made it known that Rosé finds it scary to speak Korean in front of fellow cast members. Ultra mindful of her wording, Rosé is worried of saying something wrong as English is her first language.

6. When Hyeri threw a surprise birthday party

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일주일 전 🎂

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Because of their busy schedules, Hyeri knew that Rosé would likely be unable to celebrate her birthday. She threw the BLACKPINK singer a solo surprise birthday party instead to surround her with love and support.

7. When they had the cutest dinner date

Finally, Hyeri revealed in one of her vlogs that she has “a dinner date with a close friend”, running to hug Rosé the moment they saw each other. The video was an up-close example of just how much they love each other.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Show Off Close Friendship In The Cutest Dinner Date