Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Reveals BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gets Scared To Speak In Korean

She stood up for Rosé

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé are well-known best friends. Their latest appearance in tvN’s Amazing Saturday proved this to fans even more.

Rosé firstly revealed how they became close friends. She stated that it was Hyeri who asked for her phone number first, flustering her as she found Hyeri to be a cool senior artist whom she looked up to.

They kept in close contact even after their first Amazing Saturday appearance together.

We eventually started meeting up twice a week, and eventually Hyeri would text me to say, ‘I miss you!’ if we didn’t see each other. I’d reply, ‘Unnie, we just saw each other last week!

– Rosé


Hyeri showed how much she knew Rosé by asking the fellow cast members to be mindful of when they laugh at her Korean.

She has trouble differentiating what she can and cannot say in Korean. So if you tease her, she gets scared.

– Hyeri

As Rosé grew up in New Zealand and Australia, her first language is English. Hyeri explained that while Rosé may laugh along with fellow cast members, it actually makes her nervous to speak Korean in fear that she is saying something wrong.

They ended the show happily with Rose posting on her Instagram account and Hyeri jokingly replying:

Rosé: Today Amazing Saturday! at 8PM!!
Hyeri: 7.30PM!!!!!!!!


Source: Amazing Saturday
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