7 Times BTS’s Suga Predicted The Future And Proved That What He Wants, He Gets

Suga *might* be a psychic!

With BTS‘s “Butter” topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for its sixth week in a row, ARMYs have been trending #WhatYoongiWantsYoongiGets because of member Suga‘s seemingly prophetic abilities. On multiple occasions, Suga has predicted specific milestones of BTS’s success, including the group’s most recent achievement.

So, let’s take a look at 7 times BTS’s Suga proved that what he wants, he does indeed get:

1. When BTS Attended The BBMAs In 2017

When Suga released his mixtape Agust D in 2016, one of the lyrics from his title track was “Next up is the Billboard.” Less than one year later, BTS was given the opportunity to attend the 2017 BBMAs!

| Agust D ‘Agust D’ MV/HYBE Labels

2. When BTS Became The First K-Pop Group To Reach No. 1 On The Billboard 200 Chart

During the Love Yourself: Tear press conference, Suga was asked about his thoughts regarding the hype around BTS potentially clinching the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Then, BTS earned the title with that very same album!

“We heard the anticipation about No.1 on the Billboard 200 Chart but it doesn’t feel real. Of course, we would like to reach No.1 but we don’t want to be attached to the rank.”

— Suga

| @billboard/Twitter

3. When BTS Got Their First Triple Crown With “DNA” On “Music Bank”

Suga once stated that he would really like to achieve a ‘Triple Crown,’ which is when one song wins three times in a row on a single music show. It is a very prestigious accomplishment, with few artists ever receiving the honor. However, BTS was able to earn the title quite early on in their career with “DNA” on Music Bank back in 2017!

| Music Bank/KBS

4. When BTS Performed At The 2018 BBMAs

In an interview with Liam McEwan from J-14 in 2017,  Suga was asked if there was a next step for BTS. He confidently responded by saying “We want to perform in Billboard Music Awards.” The next May, BTS got to have their debut stage for their Love Yourself: Tear album at the 2018 BBMAs!

BTS Gets Real About Their New Album, ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ | J-14 Magazine/YouTube

5. When BTS Became The “Next Generation Leaders”

Also during the Love Yourself: Tear press conference, Suga claimed that he wanted BTS to become “the most influential artist in the world.” Within only a few months, BTS got to meet President Moon Jae In of South Korea, spoke before the United Nations to promote their Love Yourself campaign, and were dubbed the “Next Generation Leaders” by TIME Magazine!

| TIME Magazine

6. When BTS Performed At The Seoul Olympic Stadium

For BTS’s second-anniversary radio interview, fellow member Jin asked Suga, “Do you have a wish?” He thought about it briefly then responded with “I really want to perform at a bigger venue like the Seoul Olympic Stadium.” The stadium itself has a concert capacity of 69,950, so it seemed like quite a lofty goal at the time.

But only a few years later, BTS ended up having two concerts at that stadium during their Love Yourself World Tour!

Overhead view of the Seoul Olympic Stadium during BTS’s concert | sptm

7. When BTS Went To The Grammy Awards

Everyone knows that Suga has mentioned going to the Grammy Awards multiple times throughout BTS’s career. The group finally made that dream a reality when Love Yourself: Tear was nominated in the “Best Recording Package” category and then performed “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas X!

Suga expressing his desire to attend the Grammy Awards
BTS and Lil Nas X at the Grammy Awards | BANGTANTV/YouTube

What do you think BTS’s Suga will predict next?