7 Times BTS’s Suga And Jimin Lived For Roasting Each Other

Let the Yoonmin wars begin!

Although we know that all the members of BTS love to fool around with each other, the Suga and Jimin combo, otherwise known as Yoonmin, seem to live to make fun of each other. Here are seven moments the duo put their roasting gear into action!

1. Jimin has no memory because it never happened.

2. Jimin makes sure Suga won’t go back on his word

Jimin: You won’t be playing then right?

Suga: Of course not. I’m full just by watching you all eat.

Jimin: Don’t you dare eat anything then.

3. They roast each other’s visuals

4. Suga wants to see Jimin win but ends up seeing him lose

5. They love to make fun of each other

Suga: Why are you trying to do art.

Jimin: Just go home!

6. Roasting to the max

Suga: I was tired but Jimin came and I received a lot of strength.

Jimin: Yeah I still don’t know about that.

7. Armpit wars?

Fans who saw these clips couldn’t stop laughing at their cute interactions with one another.