7 Times MONSTA X’s Shownu Rocked A Military Uniform Even Before His Enlistment

Just look at those guns! (And we don’t mean the rifles.)

On July 10, MONSTA X‘s Shownu personally announced on the group’s official fancafe that he will be enlisting in the South Korean military as a social service worker later this month.

While it usually comes as a shock to fans when they see their favorite idol geared up in military attire for the first time in enlistment photos, MONBEBEs were able to get a preview back in 2018 when Shownu appeared on the reality show The Real Men 300!

So, let’s take a look at seven times Shownu looked amazing in a military uniform:

1. While Shooting

As part of their training, each idol had to learn how to properly handle and shoot a rifle. Shownu wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty and leaned all the way forward on the ground in order to hit his target.

2. While Saluting

Shownu showed his respect for instructors throughout the entire production, giving them proper salutes when called upon. His serious expression is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine!

3. While Standing

It’s hard to believe that anyone can look this good by simply standing still! However, this photo serves as proof that Shownu can look gorgeous without even trying.

4. While Aiming

As Shownu observed his comrades handling their guns, he began to apply what he learned from their mistakes and successes to his own shooting! And yeah, he was pretty hot while doing it.

5. While Adjusting

In order to walk or run for long distances while carrying large backpacks filled with equipment, it’s important that the straps are adjusted comfortably on the shoulders to apply less stress. Shownu lifted up his muscular arms and tugged as tight as he could to fix his backpack while on the move!

6. While Launching

Another essential skill for the idols to master was the art of grenade throwing. Even though Shownu *may* have ended up dislocating his shoulder in the process, the way he launched his grenade was quite a sight to see.

7. While Running

Even in a plain t-shirt and shorts, it’s easy to see how incredibly in shape Shownu truly is! Not only is his body impressive, but his handsome face looks breathtaking as well even without makeup.

We wish Shownu the best of luck as he begins his service starting on July 22!